Solar Roof Tiles vs. Solar Panels: Which is Better

Solar Tiles Vs Roof Solar Panels

The difference between solar roofs and solar panels creates confusion over time. To clear this up, we came up with a brief write-up on what it is. With this write-up below, grasp the idea of what is a solar roof and solar panel and the basic difference between them.

What is Solar Roof?

Rooftop solar is a photovoltaic system in which solar panels are for power generation. They are fixed on the roof of a residential or commercial building or structure. The rooftop system is smaller than an open-space solar power plant, with an output in the megawatt range. Residential roof PV systems typically output about 5-20 kW (kW), but commercial PV systems often reach 100 kW.

What is a Solar panel?

Solar panels are also known as “PV panels. It is used to convert sunlight, which is made up of energy-bearing particles known as “photons,” into electricity that can be utilized for electrical power load. Solar panels are of three types, thin-film, mono crystalline, and polycrystalline. You should be able to choose which one is the correct choice for you based on your needs.

Solar Roof vs. Solar Panels:- Which is Better and What Difference

Though the solar roof and solar panels look alike in terms of use, there are many factors in which they differ from each other.

  • Solar panels are separate equipment from the roof tile, whereas solar roof tiles come as a replacement for roof tiles. Solar roof tiles can be used alternative to traditional tiles. 
  • Solar panels can be adjusted to any type of already existing roofing; they can be installed on any pitch and angle. The solar roof tiles require a specific slope and pitch. It cannot be adjusted as our concern. 
  • Solar panels will be visible on the outer look; they will be protruding from the existing roof. The solar roof is like a traditional roof and gives an appreciable look. 
  • While talking about appearance, solar panels come only in black or blue, whereas solar roof tiles can be used to replicate existing tiles with colors. 
  • Solar panels are more likely for easy replacement; if damaged, we can easily replace them. Solar roof tiles are more difficult to be replaced. 
  • On account of cost, solar panels are cheaper compared to solar roofs.

Which is better?

The solar panel is a better option than solar roof tiles if the house owner wants to install it on existing roofs from a solar roofing contractor. Because it will be suited for any kind of surface and does not require any specific types of pitches, if the owner is not concerned about the protruding look of the panel, they can go for it.

Whereas a solar roof will be a better choice if the owner is concerned about the appearance of the building as it will be more pleasing than the solar panel. Also, it may cost very much higher than solar panels. If the owner is not concerned about the money spent, they can go for the solar roof.

Further, the choice for usage differs from consumer to consumer.


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