Sony Vision-S Car Concept

Sony Vision-S Electric Car – A Prototype Vehicle Concept

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Sony Vision-S Car Concept

What is probably the surprise announcement of the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 (CES) this year, is that Sony announced a car. This is the Sony Vision S. That’s right at the end of Sony’s press conference the other day the company just rolled out an electric concept car. None of us were really expecting this in any way and I think the most surprising thing about it is that it actually looks pretty legit.

I think Sony Vision-S concept car design is better than any other electric car available in the marketing space. This car has rear-facing cameras, radar, computer systems, self-drive options, massive display, and UI. It has 4 motors, 0.60 speed in 4.6 seconds, 149mp but the most impressive things about this car is its design.

Sony calls it a prototype car, but it really falls between what we traditionally consider to be a concept car and a prototype. Meaning that it has things like functional brakes and a dashboard and touchscreens that work and a whole bunch of other little touches that you typically expect to see on a car that a company is actually going to try and develop and test out on the road.

And on the design side, it actually looks pretty competent. It shares a lot of traits with modern electric vehicles like your Teslas or even some stuff from startups like Lucid motors. That means a lot of really smooth lines and a big sweeping glass roof and lighting that sort of pipes all the way around the front and rear of the vehicle and of course door handles that pop out. Probably the most impressive thing inside the car is that the software looks really well-polished.

The design of it is really clean and it all moves really well. There are really fluid animations. The graphics all look really nice. It’s basically everything you would expect from a Sony touchscreen product. Not everybody’s going to want a set of touchscreens that span the entire dashboard, but as we head towards a future where automakers put more touch screens inside their cars, this might be one of the better ways to pull it off with these sections that go across the dashboard that have the ability to display different content for the driver and the passenger so that the driver isn’t as distracted by whatever it is the passengers looking at.

There’s also a lot of different interface elements here. You can use the touch screen up on the dashboard. There’s this touchpad on the center console as well as a volume knob. We’ve got buttons all over the place. This is not just a concept car. This is not just something that’s throwing a lot of ideas out there, but this is something that is basically close to a prototype. They wanted to make something that felt like a real car and sitting inside here and spending a little bit of time with some of the user interface elements. Now, why did Sony go and make an electric concept car while the company basically makes a whole bunch of different technologies that it thinks would play well in the automotive space?

That said, they developed the car in conjunction with an automotive supplier called Magnet, so they had a little bit of help in putting this thing together, but as far as Sony is saying, this is a real car that can roll. You wouldn’t be able to drive down roads right now, but they really put the work in to make something that would prove to potential customers in the industry You’re probably not going to be able to buy a Sony Vision-S electric car anytime soon. Sony says it has no plans to mass-produce this or even do a limited run version of this car and knowing how hard it is and how much money it takes to put a car into production, it’s probably for the best that Sony isn’t going down that road as exciting. 

Sony Vision-S concept car first look.

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