18 Wheeler Truck Accident

5 Steps to Follow After 18 Wheeler Truck Accident

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18 Wheeler Truck Accident

First and foremost, nobody wants to meet a road accident whether you are driving a bike, car, bus, or truck. I also don’t wish that you ever face any kind of road accident because you may get injured, lose your life, and lose the vehicle as well. The traffic is increasing day by day on our road due to rising in population and economy. When there are several vehicles on a road, the vehicle collapse chances increase.

The small vehicles hit more than the large vehicles. But when a large vehicle such as an 18-wheeler meets a road accident, the loss is also more than our expectation. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were 168,320 truck accidents in the US in 2022, resulting in 5,370 fatalities and 76,180 injuries. You cannot count the loss of assets and damage in such an accident.

Millions of trucks are used in transportation for importing and exporting goods from one place to another. According to the US Census Bureau, there were 2.1 million 18-wheelers registered in the United States in 2023, an increase of 4.5% from 2022. This represents 8.7% of the total number of vehicles in the country. So when there are millions of trucks on the road, truck accidents chances increase more due to several causes such as distracted driving, maintenance errors, overloading, and poor weather conditions are common factors contributing to 18-wheeler accidents.

The Essential Steps to Take After an 18-Wheeler Truck Wreck

It is a most common question which always in 18-wheeler owners’ and drivers’ minds. What to do if you are involved in an 18-wheeler truck collision? Following are the steps you can take after an 18-wheeler truck accident:

Don’t get panic

If you are involved in a truck accident, don’t panic. Stay calm and review yourself and others for injuries. Panic will make the situation worsen and may elevate your and other’s injuries. Come out from your truck and use your first aid kit if you see any injury or bleeding. Try to bring yourself to the side of the road.

Call for help

You were driving on the highway when your truck hit the road and met an accident. If you have got a minor or major injury, find medical help by calling our local helpline phone number. Please send help as soon as possible and share your location near the mile marker.


You may get several days to recover from a truck accident. If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. However, recovering damages from trucking companies and their insurers can be challenging. 

File insurance claim

If you were injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler truck, you may be entitled to a settlement from the truck driver or the trucking company. To get the best possible outcome, you should consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer who can help you file an insurance claim and negotiate with the liable parties. Filing an insurance claim after an 18-wheeler truck accident can be a challenging and time-consuming process, as it involves multiple parties, complex legal issues, and extensive documentation.

Back to work

When your health and wealth are fine, you can return to your work again. After surviving an 18-wheeler accident, you may face physical and emotional challenges. To recover smoothly, seek medical attention, document the scene, and consult a lawyer. Follow your doctor’s advice, attend therapy sessions, and communicate with your employer. Don’t rush the process and prioritize your well-being.

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