Style Tips for Men: Dressing to Impress on a First Date

Men Dressing First Date

A first date can unlock a mix of emotions. On the one hand, you are excited to spend time with and get to know a special someone so that the two of you can see whether you are compatible romantically. Yet, on the other hand, you may be experiencing nerves as you are worried about something going wrong.

One crucial part of a good first date is ensuring that you are dressed to impress. Not only can this boost your confidence, but it can make you look and feel much more attractive. But what are the best style tips for men who are about to encounter the first date?

The following guide is going to pinpoint the best fashion tips so that you will always have a go-to first date outfit in your wardrobe.

The Button-Up Shirt

Rather than wearing a plain and basic t-shirt, you should ensure that you have a few button-up shirts in your wardrobe. You can find button-up shirts in a variety of colors and styles – some are extremely formal, whereas others are casual and perfect for that daytime date.

Luckily, button-up shirts are incredibly versatile and can be paired with formal trousers or a pair of smart jeans. All you really need to do is decide which type of button-up shirt is right for the date you are going on. For instance, a flannel shirt is ideal for a daytime date where you may be going on a picnic. However, if the weather is warm, then you may need to reconsider the flannel and swap it out for a nice linen button-up instead.


Never forget the power of accessorizing. The right accessories can turn an otherwise plain and somewhat boring outfit into one that steals the show and impresses your date and paints you as a fashionista. You can decorate your trousers with a beautifully decorated belt, for example. Or, if you love your jewelry, you can wear a bracelet or ring that acts as a conversation starter.

If you are after something a little luxurious, then Versace has a selection of beautiful accessories that can turn an otherwise drab wardrobe into one that glistens and is sure to impress your date. SSENSE has the hottest Versace pieces, such as the Versace Gold & Black Resin Medusa Ring and the Gold Medusa Coin Choker. For a date in the sunshine, SSENSE also has a large selection of elegant Versace sunglasses. These small additions to your outfit will work wonders and be sure to secure a second date.

A Leather (or Pleather) Jacket

A leather (or pleather, if you are vegan or vegetarian) jacket should be a staple in your wardrobe. Not only are leather jackets effortlessly versatile, but they can help you secure the ‘cool guy’ image many men and women absolutely adore. When selecting a leather jacket, however, you will want to ensure that it fits well and is worn in. A fresh from-the-shop leather jacket can seem awkward to wear, so try to wear it in before putting it on for your date.

Turn your first date fears into excitement as you lock down the perfect outfit that will help you secure your second date. The right outfit can be powerful, so take the time to curate the perfect wardrobe. Remember to take the type of data into account, however. The last thing you want to do is be dressed in a suit while on a relaxed picnic.

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