The Symbiotic Relationship Between Canada’s Seasons and Flowers


Flowers- the moment the word comes up, every person thinks of his/her favourite kind of flower. Whether it is the summer season, winter, spring, or fall, Canada is a country that is always blooming with an abundance of beautiful blossoms that captures and captivates the eyes.

Throughout the year, you will get to see different species of flowers blooming and spreading joy. But what if you are seeking a particular species only to find out that the season of that bloom is still far away.

It is not atypical for people to forget the right season for different kinds of flowers to grow. So, here we present you with another opportunity to learn about the flowering seasons of Canada. Let’s explore and see if you will remember this time!


The spring season arrives in mid-March and stays till mid-June. It is a season that is the ultimate definition of enjoyment, parties, and of course, sundresses. Spring comes right after winter and gives a hint that life is about to turn from cold to warm. And it is the flowers that bring forth the happiness of spring.

This includes cherry blossoms, Crocus, aconite, rose, tulip, arbutus, lily of the valley, bearberry, blue-eyes grass, bloodroot, buckbean, dandelion, geranium, and cosmos.

Plus, ginseng, hepatica, hyacinth, iris, lily, peony, lilac, marigold, poppy, rosemary, spring beauty, strawberry, violet, star of Bethlehem, star grass, etc. are some of the flowers that bloom in the summer season.

And the exact list is much longer than you can keep track of. But one thing for sure, you will find many options to gift your loved ones. Explore the flowers by Flower Company and see which bloom captures your heart. After all, the flowers that bloom in the spring season are known to revive the human soul.

To celebrate the bloom season, Vancouver hosts a Cherry Blossom Festival in April when the city is covered in pink. In Ottawa, Canadian Tulip Festival is celebrated for ten days in May as a gesture of respect and friendship with the Netherlands. Quebec also celebrates the end of spring with a lilacs’ festival near the St. Lawrence River to appreciate these flowers.


With June, the summer season marks its beginning and ends with August. Some common flowers to bloom in the months of summer are anemone, Casablanca lily, cornflower, daisy, Gerber daisy, rose, Queen Anne’s lace, delphinium, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, lily, etc.

Besides that, flowers like dahlia, dianthus, euphorbia, stargazer, liatrus, hypericum, ginger, bird of paradise, lisianthus, etc. also bloom in Canada.

Floral growth in Canada during the summer season is always at the peak. Due to this, Waterton lakes National Park hosts a Wildflower Festival to appreciate all these flowers’ beauty. Manitoba also hosts a World Lily Festival in July with parades and music.


The fall season, also known as autumn, extends from late August to the end of November. Even though it is the month where leaves start to fall from the trees, some flowers still manage to bloom in this season.

The most popular flowers you can find in Toronto include Chocolate Cosmos, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Parrot Tulips, Sunflower, Victorian lily, Rose, Calla lily, aster, etc. Some other flowers that grow in this season are chinaberry, freesia, gladiolus, juniper, Asiatic, gloriosa, Quince, rover, roses, statice, zinnia, bittersweet, allium, etc.

As all these flowers are available in the market, you can gift them to the people you love and put a vibrant smile on their faces.


Finally, the winter season comes with December and stays till March. As winter arrives, the land is covered in snow. Yet, the country still stays filled with the fragrance of flowers like Camelia, freesia, heather, lily, lisianthus, carnation, rose, ivy, rose, violets, etc.

You must have noticed that flowers like Rose, chrysanthemums, daisy, and CasaBlanca are annual flowers. Apart from that, flowers like Acacia, pansy, protea, pepper berry, orchid, statice, amaryllis, etc. are also common during this season.

Know About Popular Flower Festivals of Canada

Canada is a country where you won’t be able to tell that it’s summer or fall looking at the flowers. It has such a diverse range of flowers that their beauty never ceases to surprise the visitors. That’s why people of Canada have a habit of gardening, and so many festivals are held throughout the year.

Canadian flora is so precious and diverse that every year, the country celebrates numerous flower festivals. Due to this, there are huge requests for flowers. For flowers in Toronto, Flower Company manages to fulfill all the requests and needs of flowers on various occasions.

If you want to experience the best, exploring these festivals will help you learn a lot about flowers and the culture associated with them.

  • Peony Festival Oshawa is an event held for two days with local artists, musical entertainment, a wine garden, children’s activities, and 300 peonies presented in the front.
  • Victoria hosts The Gardens Festival in August, dedicated to art and music. The beauty of flowers grown in the HCP garden is put forth for admiration.
  • Lavender Festival is known for its soothing vibe, and it provides an escape to all the people in the country in July. The festival also highlights the products that use lavender extracts like face cream, lip balms, shower gel, bath bombs, candles, etc.
  • Orchid Festival is another opportunity for Canadians to feel proud of the flower culture. It is held near Toronto in the Bruce Peninsula and holds flora that will leave you speechless.

Visiting these fests will make you realize what beauty the North-American continent holds. And suppose you need to use any of these flowers for gifts, gardening, decoration, or any other purpose.

In that case, you can contact Flower Company for the best flowers and buy them at affordable prices. Get your favourite flowers and have them delivered to your doorsteps right away. Now you have the chance to spread joy and fill your life with happiness and joy these blossoms can bring!

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