Yunnan Pu Erh Tea

Tea Tasting at East Yunnan Pu Erh Tea

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Yunnan Pu Erh Tea

Yunnan pu erh tea is a bitter and intense tea processed by large leaf tea. After fermenting and aging, the strong taste of pu erh tea is converged, and the mixed smells are lost. It turns mellow and smooth, its taste is mild not like cold green tea or strong black tea. Pu erh tea has its unique mellow and sweet flavor.

Pu erh tea, after being artificially fermented, must be stored for three years or longer. After reaching a certain year, the inner aroma is condensed and the vitality is more abundant. In the senses, the appearance of pu erh tea is brown and red, and the color of the inner soup is red and bright. The aroma is unique and fragrant, the taste is thick and sweet, and the bottom of the leaves is reddish-brown.

Yunnan Pu erh Tea is made with a large-leaf species of sun-dried green tea in a certain area of Yunnan Province. After the post-fermentation processing of loose tea and pressed tea, one is the sunlight drying method, and the other is the post-fermentation processing method. There are “raw pu erh tea” and “cooked pu erh tea”. Pu erh tea is dark tea, which is one of the six major teas. It is made of the unique arbor tree species of Yunnan tree. The tea fragrance of Pu erh tea is very unique, and the most appropriate statement is “Chen”!

“The fog locks thousands of tea, the cloud opens the leeks, the fragrance is floating ten miles away, and the mellow and sweet taste is in a cup.” This is a compliment to Yunnan Pu erh tea!

What is “Chen”? Everyone knows that pu erh tea (especially raw tea) has the saying that “the more Chen is better” and the “more Chen is more fragrant”, the “Chen” here refers to the year and time. Other green teas are of good taste-making with the freshest Chinese tea leaves, and there is no such thing as “Chen” or not.

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