Benefits Adding Stairlift To Home

The Benefits Of Adding A Stairlift To Your Home

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Benefits Adding Stairlift To Home

As you get older the stairs can become a bit of a challenge and too difficult to navigate due to the deterioration in mobility over the years, weakened muscles or even lack of stability. As a result of this your stairs might have become a daily challenge that you shouldn’t have to worry about.

 Your first thought may be that you need to downsize your home, but this is a challenge in itself. A lot of people have been in their houses for years, and because of this have memories making it not just a house but a home. After this you may be thinking you need to move to a retirement home, but this idea can be just as daunting. Fortunately there is an option which a lot of people do forget about! 

This solution is cost effective, has a huge range of health benefits as well as safety benefits and will allow you to stay in your home for years to come, what is the solution you may ask? A STAIRLIFT!

Here are some of the benefits that you will gain if you install a stairlift in your home:

Safety First!

One of the most important benefits to you and your family will of course be safety. At the moment navigating the stairs is a dangerous task and could result in serious injury, a stairlift takes away this risk. Stairlifts are usually fitted with a number of safety features too including seatbelts and foot rests. The railing of the stairlift is installed directly into the wall so there is 0% chance of your falling.

Easy To Use

Don’t worry we aren’t very good with technology sometimes either, especially as it’s changing all the time. Stairlift, however, is very easy to operate! All you have to do is sit down, pop your seatbelt on and press and hold the switch which will usually be located on the armrest most convenient to you. Then to stop the chair all you have to do is release the switch. It really is that simple. Press the up to go up and the down to go down.

Regain Independence

At the moment navigating your stairlift is probably quite painful, which is the last thing you want. Stairlifts are there to help you get around your home easily and without the help of anyone else, helping you to regain your independence and to stay in your beloved home. No matter what the layout of your home is, you will be able to find a stairlift that will perfectly fit your home. This includes a curved or straight stairlift for example.

Cost Effective Solution

Compared to other options you may be considering, stairlifts are the most affordable. As mentioned above two of the main solutions you might have already thought of is relocating to a new house or into a retirement home, both of which are extremely expensive.

Installing a stairlift is a lot more practical, affordable and gives you a quick solution. A stairlift will save you a lot of money and will allow you to live independently rather than going through the trouble of selling your home, moving or finding a live-in professional to help you get around.

You Can Get Around

Stairlifts have been designed to fit indoors and outdoors and can fit on any shaped staircase. They are completely customisable making them the preferred option for homeowners. They are easy to build, design and install.

Comfort & Style

There are a huge range of features on stairlifts to make sure you are comfortable at all times. You are able to adjust the stairlift to your exact requirements, there is comfortable and customisable padding on the seats and of course the arm rests to further maximise comfort.

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