Bicycle Accident Lawyer

9 Things To Know When Hiring A Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Dealing with the fallout of a bicycle accident can be troublesome as the injuries resulting from it are often severe. But having proper legal counsel secures your rights and ensures you get enough compensation to overcome your injuries.

Fortunately, bicycle accidents have slightly declined over the last decade, studies indicate. About 3.1 fatal accidents per million residents on average were recorded between 2017 and 2021. But obtaining the rightful compensation after a bicycle accident isn’t that easy. You must work with skilled lawyers to file your claim and receive the settlement you deserve. So, how do you find the right lawyer for that?

This blog explains a few things to consider when hiring a bicycle accident attorney in your city today:

1. Reputation and Reviews

Consult your friends, neighbors, and family members when hiring bicycle accident lawyers. Gather as many names as possible and then contact these lawyers for a free consultation on your case. It’ll help you narrow down the list and find the most suitable candidates to handle your personal injury claim.

Check these lawyers’ reputations by reading online reviews and testimonials. You may also check with legal organizations and confirm bicycle accident attorneys’ credibility before working with them.

2. Check Their License To Practice

It’s a no-brainer that working with a licensed attorney is your best legal option to pursue justice. Never work with an unlicensed lawyer; they’ll lack the qualifications to successfully argue your case.

You may check your state’s bar association or regulatory agency’s official website to validate a lawyer’s licensing status. Check different directories to ensure your attorney has proper licensing per the state’s requirements.

3. Their Specific Area Of Expertise

Not every personal injury lawyer is capable of handling this specific case. Hire a lawyer who specializes in handling bicycle accident claims. If cyclists’ injuries are their area of focus, then they’re the right person to take on your case. You should ask them targeted questions to check their level of expertise.

Just stay away from hiring big names who don’t even specialize in bicycle accidents.

4. Their Track Record Of Success

Check the lawyer’s success rate and check their website to read testimonials from previous clients. If possible, talk to some of these clients and use their experiences to make up your mind.

A highly successful lawyer can win you the compensation you need to afford treatment for your injuries. Credible attorneys won’t hesitate to show you their track record. Moreover, look into how much compensation they’ve earned from the other cyclists injured in an accident.

5. Local Knowledge And Resources

Ensure your bicycle accident lawyer knows local laws, regulations, and court procedures. It’ll be akin to fighting the case on your home turf; the bicycle accident lawyer will leverage their local understanding of the jurisdiction’s legal landscape to give you the best representation possible.

A good lawyer will have enough resources at their disposal to suitably investigate your case, talk to witnesses, and build a strong legal strategy to win the injury claim.

6. Their Experience In This Field

Experienced bicycle accident lawyers will handle your case with a personalized approach and leverage their extensive knowledge of this particular field to ensure maximum compensation. For instance, you can contact O’Sullivan has helped Denver folks injured in bicycle accidents who seek justice.

You won’t have to go through the complexities of Denver’s legal system if these experienced attorneys are on your back. Just follow their lead and let them win you the compensation you deserve!

7. Their Communication Skills

Look at how your lawyer communicates with you. Your legal team must have excellent communication skills from the investigation to the preparation phase. So, ask them how they intend to work with you on the case and give you updates about the progress of your bicycle accident lawsuit.

Ask them relevant questions about your case and check their understanding of this field. For instance, a qualified bicycle accident attorney should know the relevant statistics regarding this case. They must know that preventable deaths from bicycle accidents increase inexplicably in the summer.

8. Your Comfort, Their Availability

Many legal firms promise you the best legal counsel possible but then hand your case over to amateur paralegals or legal assistants. Credible bicycle accident law firms don’t do that! They give you the time of the day, actively listen to your case, and thoroughly research every aspect of your claim. Ensure your lawyer will be dedicated to your case and get personally involved in it from start to finish.

In the end, however, you should trust your instincts. No matter how credible or skilled the lawyer may seem, only go with them if your gut tells you they’re the right person to represent you legally.

9. The Total Cost Of Their Services

Many lawyers in the United States and other parts of the world won’t take any money upfront. After you’ve decided to work with them, they will handle your case on a contingency basis in which the lawyers are only paid if they win the case and get their clients some compensation.

The higher the compensation amount, the more money the lawyer makes. That’s how lawyers will be motivated to work their hardest on your case, and you won’t have to worry about paying them a dime. After you get compensated, they’ll get a hefty percentage as their valid legal fees.


This blog helps you navigate the complex world of legal support after a bicycle accident. Whether you are a cyclist or seeking justice on someone else’s behalf, follow these simple tips to hire a qualified lawyer to handle your bicycle accident lawsuit. Check the lawyer’s expertise, reputation, and track record too.

Make sure you’re working with someone well-versed in local laws and your state’s judicial system.

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