Top 8 Best Picks for Your Special Man This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is just around the corner! And as a daughter, wife, or good friend, it’s time for you to express to that special man how much he means. It’s 2021 and who says that men are still supposed to be the only ones giving their girls a gift for Valentine’s? It’s only fair to show your love and care for your special guy for the nearing day of hearts!

But with so many gift ideas to choose from in physical and online stores, it’s quite difficult to find the right gift, which won’t say “generic” or “ordinary.” We want to help you out by hand-picking eight of the best gift ideas for you to give your special guy. So, if you want to give him the best, keep reading!

1. An elegant luxury watch

Nothing perfectly materializes the saying, “time is the best gift” like an elegant luxury watch. A beautiful watch from Ingenieur is a great choice because it is made to last long. A timeless luxury watch boasts quality, and you can be sure that your special man will get a lot of use from it. It can even make for a good heirloom someday, too.

2. Snazzy tie

A tie with a dress shirt can complete a guy’s look. Another great gift idea for your special man this Valentine’s is a snazzy tie. There are plenty of necktie designs available today, so make sure you pick one that suits his personality perfectly. If you know his usual outfit color palette, then better! You can pick a color that can go well with most of his clothes.

3. Bluetooth earphones

Everyone likes to jam to tunes, so getting a pair of good quality Bluetooth earphones for your special guy will surely make him happy. With so many online streaming platforms today, like iTunes and Spotify, he can jam to his favorite tunes without the hassle of wires. He can easily do his usual chores and workout while enjoying his playlists—no tangled wires whatsoever!

4. Aviator sunglasses

With 2021 giving us more hope that the pandemic is going away, your special man will probably be out and about under the sun. Make him look cool with a pair of aviator sunglasses. It’s no secret that a good pair of sunglasses can make anyone look cool. And an aviator is a universal pair that will look good on any face shape!

5 . 2021 planner or journal

Sure, we’re all riding the digital and paperless bandwagon. We write everything on our smartphones nowadays. But there’s still something about handwritten things that makes it more special. A good quality planner or journal for this year with acid-free paper is surely something your man won’t expect but will use. The best part about an acid-free planner or journal is that he can look back at the memories and notes he’s written down and remember all those great dates. With this year looking up, he’s going to make a lot of plans, so give him the best planner or journal you can find. Make sure the papers are acid-free because this type of paper will keep ink better, unlike ordinary ones which make ink “bleed” or fade.

6. Coffee pod machine

Getting coffee from third-wave coffee shops can get expensive after some time. If your special guy likes having his daily caffeine fix, then get him a coffee pod machine for Valentine’s. He can finally make his cup of coffee easily with the right sweetness or bitterness, according to his liking!

7. UV sterilizer

This is one of the most unique gifts you can get for your special Valentine’s day. But it’s also very fitting for this pandemic. A UV sterilizer can be used on phones, wallets, keys, and other small items. It kills germs and viruses that are harmful to your health. Your man will surely get a ton of use from this because it’s a nifty and useful thing.

8. Mask lanyard

This is a perfect gift, especially in our current state of a pandemic. A mask lanyard is useful because a mask can hang around the neck without the hassle of having to put it down on a table and risking contamination. Your special man will also get a ton of use from this.

Get your special guy the best around!

These eight items on our list are hand-picked gift ideas that are perfect to give your man this Valentine’s day. These are fool-proof gifts that your special man can get a lot of use from. All we’ve featured here aren’t common or generic, so your special man will truly feel special and he won’t think it’s just something off the shelf. We hope this article helps you out in shopping for a great gift for your guy this coming hearts day. Good luck!

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