Read Breast Size Chart

Understanding How to Read A Breast Size Chart

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Read Breast Size Chart

Your bra can make or break an entire outfit, which means finding the right fit is vital. The problem is that millions of bra wearers have never been to a professional fitting and never learned how to size their bras correctly themselves. A bra size quiz is a good start but it also helps to understand how breast size charts work and how to size your own bras.

What Is a Breast Size Chart?

A bra size chart is a chart that helps you determine the cup size you need from a bra after you’ve taken your measurements. Typically, your cup size goes up by one letter for every inch of difference there is between your band size and your bust measurement.

For example, someone who has the same band and bust measurement has no difference, so they need an AA cup. Someone who has four inches of difference between the two sizes is usually a D cup.

However, it is important to remember that bra sizes vary between brands. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to double-check their sizing charts to ensure you get the right size. 

Finding Your Right Size Looking at a Breast Chart

Start while braless or using a non-padded bra. First, measure your band size. Measure around your torso right where your bra band sits, ensuring the tape is level and snug. Add four inches to an even number or five to an odd number to get your band size.

Someone with a 33-inch torso needs a 38-inch band.

Next, measure your bust. Wrap the tap, keeping it slightly loose, around the fullest part of your breasts. Round to the nearest whole number. Then, subtract the band size from the bust size. This helps you determine your cup size. Someone with a 38-inch band who is 42 inches around the breasts needs a D cup.

Finally, determine your size on a breast size chart for the brand you’re purchasing. If you need to go down a cup size to ensure the right fit, do so by going up one band size and down one cup size. For example, if you decide a 38D is too big in the cups, you would try a 40C. 

Ensuring Your Bra Fits Correctly

Consider several things when trying on a new bra. When putting it on, bend forward at the wait to slip it on and hook the claps. This ensures you’re completely in the cups.

The right bra will have a band that’s level at the back and front and won’t let you slide more than one finger underneath it. If the band is secure, then shorten the straps if needed. Next, put on a close-fitting shirt and look for places where your breasts bulge or the cups don’t look smooth.

Any such areas mean the bra isn’t the right fit. Finally, look at yourself sideways in the mirror. If your breasts aren’t halfway between your shoulders and elbows, look for a more supportive fit. 

Before you buy your next bra, use a bra size calculator and your newfound knowledge to determine your fit. You’ll be able to choose your new bra armed with the information you need to get a comfortable, flattering fit.

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