Learning SpreadSheets

Ways Learning SpreadSheets Makes Being A Parent Easier

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Learning SpreadSheets

It is no secret that learning Google Sheets makes business and life easier around the world. So moms can get a few extra benefits if they implement learning Google Sheets into their parenting plan.

Get your budgets and your meal planning done on your commercial breaks. That is the primary benefit of Google Sheets, beyond providing a cloud-based computing and organizational tool.

Learn more about 5 key ways that learning Google Sheets can make your parenting easier.

Lists At the Next Level

As a mom, you have lists and lists for your lists, and Google Sheets lets you kick those up a notch. Google Sheets also has templates for list building if you need a new way of making lists. Add tabs to your lists and create calendars within them, itemize, categorize, and use columns for your lists.

Then make more lists of your lists to keep track of all of your lists. Google Sheets also offers templates for moms that want new ways to organize lists. You’ll start to love making lists again and it will be much more difficult to forget things. Organize your pantry, chores, and your holiday planning with some time with Google Sheets. These are your sticky note lists at the next level.

Your Formula, Your Way

Lists are one thing but spreadsheets are advanced methods of computation and organizational strategy that can take your everyday mom work to a new level. You can use spreadsheets to calculate almost anything, and even use formulas to come up with answers that would normally take you hours to figure out. You don’t have to weed through sheets of data to find where all of the soccer uniforms are if you have them organized on a spreadsheet. You can use Google Sheets on any Apple laptop or Macbook Pro alternatives and share with any user on any device anywhere in the world.

Instead, use sum and conditional formatting to highlight those cells, and then as soon as you open up the spreadsheet you see exactly where they all are right away. You can do this with anything. Time chores, add up monthly incentive numbers, and identify with different color coding. Give each child their own color, each chore its own label, and you are already a list wizard.

Create Your Grocery Lists and Budgets

When you have Google Sheets, you can do everything in one main sheet. Grocery lists and budgets can be put into the same Google Sheet. You can use tabs for lists, tabs for your budgeting, and then a tab that puts it all together. Budgets are the reason that Google Sheets were invented.

You can start a budget and automate it all in Google Sheets. Set it up once and you will know what you have to work with in the coming weeks and months. Tweak it as life happens, work bonuses, sales at the grocery store, flyer deals, and so on. Google Sheets makes budgeting groceries so easy, and, you get more groceries in the house at the end of the day when you are thinking about what you spend.

Plan Your Meals

When you have your lists, your budgets, your grocery list, and your formulas determined, you can now use this data for a real-world application. You can plan your meals. Studies indicate that you’re more likely to spend more on your grocery bill when you don’t have a plan. Google Sheets will help you to make that plan.

When you do, you’ll have more money in your pocket. Most moms will want to spend that on more food for the family. Or, you can budget in other items on your lists for those moments when meal planning keeps a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Share Around the World

When you have Google Sheets in your mom toolkit, you can share it with anyone. Now your kids won’t be able to say they didn’t see the calendar updated or the chore list changed. You can also use Google Sheets to brag to your family and your friends about how awesome your family is if you organize your Google Sheets right.

Google Sheets can be used to edit, save, share, store, and again, share, whenever you want. You can add editing rights to other users so that they can share and change the same document when they have done their chore or added an item to the calendar. Once you’ve gotten your work done, it’s time to pass that love on to someone else to get their work done. They may call you weird for it, but the homework will be done and that’s a win.

Learn Google Sheets Today

When you have a busy life, and you do have that if you are a mom, Google Sheets can help. Google Sheets isn’t just for the busy business world anymore. Learn Google Sheets and begin using these tools and seeing the benefits for yourself. With your laptop and a plan, you can get the entire house organized in no time.

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