Important Parts Home Air Conditioner

What Are The 5 Most Important Parts Of A Home Air Conditioner? And Why?

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Important Parts Home Air ConditionerThere is no doubt that technology has taken over the world. And our whole life revolves around the machines. For every single work, we need different types of devices. Either it is about keeping us warm in winters or cold in summers. We are dependent on the heaters and the air conditioners. One cannot imagine his life without a home air conditioner, as this is the basic necessity of this era.

These devices have made to provide us ease and comfort. No wonders, global warming has caused some serious climatic changes. Due to which it is not possible to spend summers without air conditioners. It does not only provides us comfort in the hot weather but also helps in providing safety and better quality of life.

The air conditioner parts that help it to work efficiently are so many. These parts are the compressor, condenser coil, filter, evaporator, and air handler, and thermostat. It is always good to keep the air conditioner in proper condition. And the parts should work effectively, and dust should not accumulate inside it.

If any of the parts stop working due to any reason, then it is good to replace or change it. You can get these air conditioner parts online at very affordable rates. So your A.C. will continue to keep you cool and chill in the hot weather.

Important Parts Of Air Conditioner:

As we discussed earlier, an air conditioner contains a few important parts that give us clean and cool air. Let’s discuss these parts and their functions in detail.

  1. Compressor:

It is called the engine of the air conditioner. It works along with the substance knowns as working fluid. That transforms the gas into the liquid. While the main purpose of this compressor is the conversion of low-pressure gas into the high-pressure gas. That contains a high temperature. During this process, the gaps between the molecules become compressed, and the refrigerant comes out from the compressor. Then the refrigerant enters into the condenser.

  1. Condensor Coil:

This condenser coil contains a fan, which helps to cool down the high-pressure gas. And it converts the gas into the liquid again. Then it moves towards the third important part that is the evaporator. All the parts are present inside the air conditioner, except the condenser and compressor. These are placed on the outer side of the house.

  1. Evaporator:

The evaporator is present near the furnace. And with the help of a very thin pipe, it is connected to the condenser. The low-pressure gas that was converted into the liquid in the condenser reaches the evaporator then. But due to the decreased pressure in the evaporator, the liquid turns into the gas again. And in this whole process, the refrigerant makes the air cool by taking off the heat from it. On the other hand, the working fluid gets compressed by the compressor again, when it comes out of the evaporator.

  1. Air Handler And The Blowing Unit:

These two work concurrently. Their function is to bring the dry air to the evaporator and is responsible for distributing the cold air everywhere in the house. A duct system is there that helps the airflow to enter the room and spread the air in the room.

  1. Thermostat:

It helps to maintain the temperature of the air conditioner. It works by regulating the heat energy inside and outside of it. Well, the interesting thing is that the thermostat can be set manually or auto as well. It all depends upon its features.

Benefits Of Air Conditioners:

If we start talking about the benefits of air conditioners, then we can write a book over it. It is one of the most useful inventions of this era. It is not only providing ease to the people in this scorching heat but also provide other health benefits. It also reduced the possibility of asthma attacks and decreases noise, etc.

  1. Reduce Asthma Attacks:

Well, there is no doubt that it helps in reducing asthma attacks. It does not allow the pollens and other dust particles to enter that can cause severe asthmatic issues.

  1. Ensure Better Sleep:

One cannot deny the fact that it helps in providing better and comfortable sleep at night. Because, if the bedroom is cool and chill, then it is obvious that you will have a good sleep.

  1. Keep The Bugs Out Of The House:

It makes the home environment better and cleaner. The air filters help in keeping the bugs out of the room. Due to which one can live peacefully with his or her pets inside the house.

  1. Do Not Allow The Electronics To Overheat:

It is a nature that the human gets tired and exhausted after a hectic and tiring day. In the same way, electrical appliances can also get overheated. To prevent the overheating, the air conditioners keep them cool.

  1.   Enhance Work Performance:

It is impossible to focus on the work if we are feeling hot due to hot temperatures. In this way, the air conditioner does wonders and save ourselves from heat. And then we can do our work with full concentration.

  1. Prevent The Chances Of Dehydration:

We do a lot of sweating during the hot weather. And because of this, the percentage of water from the body starts decreasing, which leads to dehydration. But this can prevent by staying inside the doors in cool rooms.

  1. Reduce Noise:

We live in a state which is surrounded by so many people and cars, making too much noise. That sometimes irritates a lot. But this can be stopped by using air conditioners that do not allow the noise to enter the house. And keep the room quiet and calm.


Every person in the world is dependent on the machines. Either it is about getting a print done or doing a house chore. We all need machines and devices to do the basic tasks of our lives. But the purpose of these devices is to ensure the safety and comfort of humans, like air conditioners. That keeps us chilled during summers, lessen the noise, enhance work performance, and reduce the asthma attacks, etc.

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