Damaging Effects of Pests

What are the Damaging Effects of Pests in Bristol?

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Damaging Effects of Pests

Bristol is a city with a rich history, diverse architecture, a growing economy, and a welcoming population. The city is also home to a host of pests that are a nuisance for residents and businesses alike and can cause a lot of damage to homes, gardens, and outdoor property. Property owners should know how to identify the damage so they understand when to call Bristol pest control specialists. Here are the damaging effects of some of the most common pests found in Bristol.

Structural Damage

Unfortunately for individuals and businesses, termites are common in Bristol and are known for how much damage they can cause to structures, especially wooden ones. If you have any wood sections in your home that are not treated for termites, they might have an infestation. In many cases, a property owner might not know they have termite-related structural damage until it is too late.

Some signs to watch for include buckling or blisters in wood, damaged wood, mud tubes, live termites, damaged drywall, and mouldy odours. You should call a pest controller in Bristol if you notice any of these signs so they can find out where the termites are coming from, exterminate them, and eliminate the problem for you.

Damaged Wiring

A dangerous situation many property owners do not know they are in is their properties being at risk of fire. Electrical fires can occur when rats and mice chew through electrical wires, increasing the risk of dangerous shorts that can start fires.

Most property owners do not see the rats and mice until they have a severe infestation. In such cases, you might see signs like droppings, nesting materials, and scratches near entrance points. You might also hear scratching and scrambling as they run away when they notice the presence of a threat.

Besides chewing on your wiring, mice and rats can cause structural damage so it is best to call a Bristol pest controller to get rid of them. The professionals at Advance Pest Control Bristol can check for mice, rats, and other pests to eliminate them and rid your home of the nuisance and damage they cause.


The UK is fortunate that many insect-related diseases are not transmitted within its borders. However, pests still transmit serious infections. For example, ticks can spread Lyme disease, babesiosis, and Bartonella and cause infections of varying severity depending on the person’s health.

Rodents, including mice and rats, have been known to spread different diseases and have been doing so for hundreds if not thousands of years. A study in the UK found that they can spread numerous diseases in urban dwellings depending on where you are located. Additionally, defecation, urination, and movement around food and food sources can cause significant health issues, making it important to call an expert Bristol pest control expert whenever the presence of mice and rats is detected.

Pests can seem like a minor nuisance, but they can cause incredible damage. They can weaken the structure of houses by destroying wood, damaging wiring causing house fires, and causing serious diseases and illnesses. Residential and commercial property owners should learn how to identify signs of an infestation so they can call a pest control specialist to eradicate them as soon as possible.

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