What Are The Most Common Types Of Crimes That Occur Everyday?

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Crime is a problem in every country on the planet. According to preliminary FBI data, there was a 3.1 percent decrease in the number of violent crimes and a 5.6 percent decrease in property crimes in 2019. Only the first six months of the year included in these numbers.

Some of the most common crimes reported each day are also included in FBI statistics. Every three seconds, a property crime written, and every 22 seconds, a violent crime reported. Because some crimes don’t get much attention, you may not hear about them. Crimes like these are common around the globe.


Another common crime in the world is breaking, also known as burglary. Forcible entry is a crime in which a person illegally enters another person’s property and intends to engage in criminal activity.

Possession of Drugs

Meth, crack, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are just a few of the widely available drugs for sale, use, and trafficking in the World. Those found guilty of this crime gets sentenced to jail time and other harsh punishments. Many of those incarcerated are doing their time for drug-related offenses, according to the Bureau of Prisons.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can occur between spouses, but it can also happen when children or other family members are harmed or physically abused. Domestic violence is a sensitive crime for children because it leaves a lasting impression on their mental well-being. Studies have shown that children used as children are more likely to become addicted to alcohol or drugs than adults. For any help you can contact Madison Branson lawyer.


Although many men have reported being sexually abused, rape is a crime that is more commonly committed against women than men. It is a terrible crime because it demonstrates the power of one person’s will over another. Many victims choose to remain silent or even forgive their rapists, resulting in only a quarter of rapists ending up in the criminal justice system


As expected, this crime cut for inclusion on this list. Almost half a million robberies occur each year, making robbery a common occurrence. It’s not theft because robbery is a direct act of violence against someone or something. Threats or force get used in this type of crime.


One of the most common crimes right now is the cybercrime. With the emergence of technology, the number of cyber crimes has really gone up. People try play with the passwords and misuse the funds only through illegal means. Hence, when dealing with online transactions, one should be ultra careful always.


These are some of the most common crimes committed in the world daily. Remember that all crimes are punishable by the law, regardless of their severity or intensity. There are severe penalties that may include a life sentence if you are found guilty of a crime. Also, you must have your eyes and ears open. Make sure to contact an expert lawyer at the earliest.

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