Causes Air Conditioner Freeze Up

What Causes My Home Air Conditioner To Freeze Up?

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Causes Air Conditioner Freeze Up

You probably think that freezing up your air conditioner is good for your home air conditioner. But do you know that it’s not good for your air conditioner? Unfortunately, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. That can be the reason for the hottest day ever for some major reason your Air conditioner is not cooling your home. It also can be the reason our AC works not working properly through a refined control of temperature, pressure, and airflow. AC will either gives warm-cool wind or nothing at all. Of course, you are thinking wondering why this might be right. we sharing some causes here to explore the answer in-depth along with what you should do about it.

Causes Of Freezing Up Your Ac

The main reason for freezing up your ac is the coil full filled with cold refrigerant, a dirty air filter and it starts freezing up. The refrigerant also needs warm air to fill it. This cold air keeps the coil warm or hot it will not be freezing that. Your frozen air condition only blows warm or cool air and that can be possible it will blow nothing at all. Below we will discuss some reasons why it will happen.

Generally, it is happening because of volatile pressure via the refrigerant circuit. But if your ac stopped blowing it can be caused by the wrong pressure in the coil. After that can blow too much freezy air or too much hot air. This is the reason is why your air conditioner is frozen up either airflow, pressure, or both. Let’s discussed some causes.

1. Lack of airflow

The common cause of frozen up your home air conditioner is lack of airflow. That can be possible due to different factors like collapsed duct, bad blower motor, low voltage to the fan, or clogged air filter. which are related to the blower or motor to make air inflow. The air inflow can also be affected due to moisture in the air. if the moisture is so much in the air that can make so worse. So whenever the season comes kindly keep regular repair and maintenance for Goodlife of your air conditioner.

2. Dust blocking in the coils

If your air conditioner is running without the air filter or low-quality filter can also be the most common reason for freezing up your air conditioners. Air refreshment coils are mostly blocked from moist air and the result is they will start freezing up. When the dust air blocked the damp coils. It will create a thick blanket it will create a hard ice coating and gives an icebox effect.

3. Low on refrigerant

The third cause can be the pressure level inside your coils it matters a lot. Because of control the whole air conditioner unit. Do you ever think the big out units known by the compressor? because of compressor refrigerant after releasing the heat it collects. Warm air converts or “flashes” liquid refrigerant into a gas which heats up and drops pressure. These flashes go from the coils and if they are moist. It has frozen up your air conditioner.

Above are the common reason is why your air conditioner has frozen up. If you make regular repairs and maintenance of your air conditioner it will never be frozen up.

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