Foods To Eat Make Skin Glow

What Foods To Eat To Make Your Skin Glow

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Foods To Eat Make Skin Glow

Glowing skin is not always an inherited blessing. Neither, it’s a god gift. Popular beauty experts believe that all it needs is a good dietary regime along with simple skincare practice. They are also talking about those wonder foods which can help you get crystal clear glowing skin within a short span of time. Let’s take a look at what are these super foods.

Cooked Tomatoes

Cooked tomatoes are widely known for their skincare properties. Lycopene, the phytochemical of tomatoes gets activated when cooked. It builds up the collagen strength, thus retain the youthful structure of your skin. It makes your skin taut and reduces the oxidizing effect of Ultra-Violet rays by eliminating skin-aging free radicals. According to the reports published in the British Journal of Dermatology, who eat adequate tomato paste every day gets better protection against the sunburn.


Carrot is a wonder wand. While being extremely good for your eyes, it’s also beneficial for clearing up all kinds of skin breakouts. Beta-carotene and B-vitamin prevent skin from producing flaky and dried cells. Also, it plays a key role in reducing the production of skin cancer cells.


Turmeric’s essential antioxidant curcumin is great for your skin. From reducing inflammation and providing protection from cancer, turmeric helps fight away the free radicals. Plus, it helps in lightening the dark pigmentation and scars caused by aging. It also deals with hormone imbalance and sun exposure preventing pigmentation causing UV rays. Combine it with coconut oil or milk to get the best benefit.


The active enzyme, chymopapain is highly beneficial for reducing inflammation and other kinds of skin conditions. The other enzyme, papain, helps to remove blemishes is applied on the skin topically. It easily dissolves the fats that clog the pores and also cleanses the skin. Also, it is loaded with collagen-strengthening vitamin C.


This is one more reason to love eggs even more. Why? Because the yolks are loaded with skin tightening vitamins. Moreover, the beauty vitamin “biotin” is naturally present in it, which cleanses the skin and retains the taut. Also, it offers to protect skin from breakouts like acne, rashes, and also dryness.

So, waste time no more. Here’s all that you need to have clear and glowing skin. Start having these in your daily diet and get great skin within a month.

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