Why Did Drinking and Driving Become Illegal?

Drinking and Driving Become Illegal

There are many rules for driving a car, trunk, bike, or other vehicle. The traffic department made a drink-and-drive rule under the ‘motor vehicles act’. When people started driving vehicles after drinking or consuming alcohol or drugs. The driver does not have proper consciousness after taking alcohol or drugs. It is equal to listening to a mobile call or driving a vehicle with blurry vision.

Most people drink and drive when they come out from a club, party, or occasion in the night. The traffic police use a breathalyzer device for estimating blood alcohol content and detecting the limit of alcohol consumption.

Reason for Drinking and Driving Become Illegal?

Road Accident

The main reason why this act exists is; road accidents. Everyday road accident occurs, its the main reason is alcohol consumption. Many people drink and drive which leads to minor or major road accidents. That’s why traffic policy does the checking to find out which specious persons took alcohol or drug who can be dangerous for himself/herself or others.

Impacts your driving ability

Drinking alcohol and other drugs impacts your driving ability as you don’t have proper consciousness, perception, direction-sense, attention, control, judgment, and reaction. The driver can drive a vehicle moved slowly or another hand, he/she drives much faster.

Reduced concentration and lack of coordination

The brain becomes dull after drinking. You may not able to concentrate after breaking the limit. You cannot drive safely without proper concentration. Drinking affects your brain’s cerebellum part which controls balance and movement. This means alcohol and drug make it stay upright and harder to move.

Slow reaction time

You may react slowly in response to instant action. Drinking slows down your nervous system and can affect the brain’s work and looks. A heavy drinker may have a problem starting a vehicle, then gearing up and speed control.

Decreased vision

These all drinking side effects show after too much consumption including blurred vision, lack of control, slurred speech, and hearing. Driving can be very risky with blurred vision. That’s why our law says ‘don’t drink and drive.’

Safety concern

You may not follow the rule if the drink-and-drink law does not exist there. We shall stay safe if follow the traffic rules. The first time drinking and driving became outlawed were in 1910 in the state of NY, USA. After this, people started being charged under the driving under the influence (DUI) law and people started following the rule for safe driving. Still, if a person is charged with a DUI, they may seek help from a DUI lawyer phoenix.

Affects judgemental skills

Judgment skills provide the ability to make well-informed decisions, create objective opinions, and reach rational conclusions. The effects of drinking start showing in your brain or body after 90 seconds. Drinking cuts and lowers inhibition in the people able to make judgment decisions.

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