Challenges Elderly Face in Nursing Homes

5 Common Challenges Elderly Face in Nursing Homes

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Challenges Elderly Face in Nursing Homes

Elderly parents or senior nursing homes are made for those whose sons or daughters cannot take care of their parents or don’t have time to give the parents. They just leave their parents in an elderly nursing home so that the nursing home staff can take care of them such nursing home caregivers will give food and meals to the elder, wash their clothes, and also help with bathing, taking, and walking.

Another good description of a nursing home is; a nursing home is a company or center for the residential care of senior or disabled people. They charge money because they are taking care of elders and providing them with all things that are required in daily life. Some nursing homes do charity and don’t charge any money. They just adapt to those elder people who don’t have a home, money, or children.

Do you know what happened with your elder parents in a nursing home? Do you ever ask them are happy or not? Do they need anything? Most people never come back to see their parents or sometimes just come after many days. 

What are the problems faced by the elderly in nursing homes?

The elders have to face a lot of problems and challenges in the nursing homes which are listed here.


However, there are other elders and staff that exist in the nursing home but still, you elders feel alone. They just want to see and live with you. They just want to talk and share their feeling with you. They find themselves alone in nursing homes.


The elder wants that the caregiver loves them but they don’t do like their own children. The caregiver does all things and caring acts for the elder because it’s their duty. Nursing home staff could not give the love that the elders want.


After living their whole life in freedom, the elder becomes actless. They get depend on others. They have to wake up and sleep according to the nursing home timetable. They have to eat what they give. Now the elder doesn’t have a choice, less fun, less entertainment, no travel, and wandering outside the nursing home.


As the seniors have to live with other residents so there is very less privacy. The elders have to live among other residents. Where they have to share most things.


Elders feel hesitation when they say or demand something in the nursing home. Some elders are shy or egocentric. They don’t want to tease the nursing staff for little things. Sometimes nursing home abuse them physically and emotionally that the reason elders hesitate to talk about their problems.


Most nursing care center charges for senior care. It becomes an extra burden on the family. The nursing home has to provide a complete range of assisted living, and health and wellness facilities. The cost of senior care depends on your elder age, health, food, utilities, home nursing care, and independent and assisted living.

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