Customers Leave Store Without Buying

Why Some Customers Leave The Store Without Buying Anything

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Customers Leave Store Without Buying

Don’t you ever wonder why customers leave with empty hands when they enter the shop? Let us know about the main important issues that make shoppers leave shops with empty hands.

Expensive Price

When the Product price increases above the impulse- purchase level, then the customer thinks to make an end thought about the purchasing with an undoubted decision. If the product quality range doesn’t meet the displayed price, there is no way to return with a handful of items. It is seen quite often at jewelry showrooms, luxury brands showrooms, etc.

Lack of Product availability

Only product availability will not make shoppers purchase. The available product should reach the customer’s requirements. For example, you know what kind of dilemma occurs while shopping for clothes- It must fit your size, color must suit your personality, and you can’t repeat the model if you already own it. If it doesn’t reach your priorities, then no purchase takes place.

Lack of Visibility

As the product’s availability, the product’s visibility to the customer is also an important factor. What is the use of availability unless the product is not purchased? Sometimes, the only reason for returning empty-handed is because they are not found where they are supposed to be.

Can’t find it on the sale

Stores’ advertising circulation makes the customers move towards stores, but their desired items won’t be sold. Sometimes, this situation makes it unnecessary to shop while stores are running during discount sales season.

Poor Dealing

This involves many reasons like,

  • Salespersons without knowing the products – customers don’t want to compromise while knowing about a new product when they aim to acquire. So, they want to know in detail that if the staff lacks awareness, it will be disappointing for the customer and try to buy in another store.
  • Less staff – It is not like our home to know about every inch, right? Hence you need some assistance to cover your bucket list,
  • Low attention towards customers – sometimes salespeople form into small busy lineups with their own topics that annoy the customer. In some cases, they won’t pay attention to the customer.
  • Salespersons sometimes stalk the customers, which most customers hate.

Outdated Items in Store

Trust is the main investment for a business to succeed. Marketing with outdated items creates trust issues among customers. For example, if a customer got sick due to the purchase of an outdated pantry item, that’s it. It will take the issue to another level, not only with trust issues.

Timepass customer

Communicating with a customer is important for running the business, but the conversation with a shopper who enters for nothing just for wandering eats the time of the salesperson. This may be a disadvantage for the customer who is willing to buy. But we can’t do anything because a customer is a noble partner of the business.


Queue lines near the cash stations consume buyers’ time and make them complete only particular work in a day. Unmentioned section departments, take time to search the store for things.

In the US, the Omnico group research the customer experience that customers will drop from the queue line within 10 minutes of waiting.

No return policy

Return policy makes the customers purchase the product in the initial place. Otherwise, having a no-return policy system makes the customers think purchasing the product will make them remorseful.

Payment methods

In any store accepting certain credit cards while purchasing makes one face the customer’s displeasure because they allocate time for shopping in their busy schedule. It is better to mention a disclaimer to customers before shopping.

Handling and crossing the challenges in business is quite common, but to handle unknown hidden challenging factors and moving on the path of success. Your business needs to approach customer experience CX experts. They know how to fix the merchandise issues, necessary steps to make a path for your business to reach success and be at the top-rated in the market.

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