10 Best Gravel Bikes Under $1500: Top Picks for This Year

Gravel Bikes Under $1500

Gravel bikes are a combination of road and cyclocross bikes. They are designed to perform well both on the roads (tarmac) and muddy trails. They are an ideal companion for an adventure seeker and can sustain comfort on the hardest of trails.

In order to get the gravel bike that matches your idea of adventure, it is best to do some research and figure out exactly what you’re looking for.

Luckily, we have created a list of the best gravel bikes under 1500 dollars that will help on your exciting adventures, and won’t be too hard on your pocket either.

1. Royce Union Gravel Bike

“The perfect ride for adventure seekers”


  • The lightweight frame offers good performance
  • All Shimano drivetrain
  • Assembly is easy


  • Toes touch the tires when turning
  • No water bottle mounts

The RGF gravel bike is one of the high-quality and low-price bikes from Royce. It is an all-terrain bike suitable for riders with a thrill of adventure and offers a smooth, comfortable riding experience.

What makes this bike a good choice for outdoor adventures is that it performs equally well on all types of trails whether it’s roads, off-roads, mud, or uphill trails. The 700c tires make it exceptionally well suited for gravel trails and help overcome all obstacles in the way without losing balance or control at any point.

The design of the bike is very trendy, with a metallic blue frame and red logo print on top. The handlebar design offers easy holding and adds definition to the overall look of the bike.

The frame is hardtail rigid aluminum but is lightweight enough to make the bike easy to carry on uphill adventures and strong enough to make it suitable for rigorous trails. While it is a men’s bike, I found it to be very gender-neutral in its looks.

The wheels are WTB alloy rims and come paired with the WTB Nano tires. The WTB Nano tires offer low rolling resistance as well as an excellent grip, especially on gravel trails and make this bike a good all-purpose option.

The features that this bike offers are off the charts. It comes with a full Shimano drivetrain, with a Shimano Sora 18-speed derailleur system that gives the riders 18-speed cycles to choose from and makes gear shifting a piece of cake.

This makes it suitable for riders who want to take it on difficult trails and steep adventures. The front and rear dual disc brakes offer exceptional stopping power, whether you’re going up the hill or coming down.

The 3 piece alloy crankset makes it super easy to maintain and adds credibility to its all-purpose nature. Although this is a men’s bike, it is not suitable for riders taller than 6 feet. My friend got this last year and was not able to keep it for himself for long as he is 6’3’’ and the bike was too small for him, so he gave it to his sister.

Another thing was that on turning, the rider’s toes touched the tires and that didn’t change regardless of the height of the rider. This is one of the design flaws of this bike and needs to be looked into before buying.

The assembly of this bike is super simple and does not need professional attention. A manual and easy how-to-assemble tutorial can also be found online. Overall, this is one of the best gravel bikes under 1500 dollars that our team reviewed.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Royce Union Men’s’ Gravel Bike
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Wheels: 27.5 inches
  • Frame: Aluminum Rigid Hardtail
  • Brakes: Dual Shimano Disc Brakes

2. Tommaso Illimitate Tiagra Gravel Adventure Bike

“Wide Tire bike for Wild Adventures”


Comfortable handlebar design and Saddle
Very suitable for long rides
Sleek look


The brakes could be improved
Average paint

The Tiagra gravel adventure bike is designed for adventure seekers who like to test their limits and are into extreme sports. This is an all-terrain suitable bike, with extra-wide tires in its latest 2019 model, and makes for an excellent choice for wild rides through forests, mountains, or dirt trails.

One of the highlighting features of this bike is the compact aluminum frame, which is both durable and lightweight. The high modulus carbon fiber fork offers the bike great vibration dampening abilities and both the fork and frame come with a lifetime warranty.

What makes this frame stand out from the other frames of gravel bikes on the market is that it is drilled to include various types of fenders and racks for making your adventures more comfortable.

I got this bike 6 months ago, with the extra-wide tires in the 2019 model, and have been riding it on dirt trails and off-roading trails since then. What I love most about this bike is the ease with which it offers gear transitions and its comfortable design.

The ultra-light compact handlebars make handling easy and the flat tops allow for a comfortable grip. The WTB Volt saddle offers great cushioning and makes sitting through long rides easy, while the Tomasso TRS performance Seatpost adds to its light performance.

The Tomaso Corsa TC-40D rims come with bladed spokes and along with the extra-wide tires offer a sturdy performance on off-road and on-road trails. The front Shimano derailleur offers extra power and the Tiagra shifters make gear changes swift and precise, while the rear Shimano derailleur adds to this experience on difficult trails.

The crankset and cassette are also Shimano and complement each other while offering easy maintenance and lightweight performance for all types of riders, especially beginners. The weight of the bike is extremely light at only 24.6 lbs, which is significantly lower than a regular commuter or mountain bike.

The disc brakes on this bike are just right and don’t perform well on difficult trails. At best, the brakes can be used for cruising and will need to be upgraded to more powerful ones in order to make this bike aggressive and off-road friendly.

This bike is a good choice for riders looking for quality and features in one package. It is sleek and lightweight, performs well in all weather conditions and on all trails, and is easy to use and comfortable to ride.

The assembly of this bike is fairly complicated and cannot be done on your own, even if you’re an expert. I would highly recommend getting it professionally assembled in order to be able to utilize it at its full potential.

Overall, with a few upgrades such as the brakes, and a professional assembly, this bike can be a good choice for adventure riders and offers a good value for its price, making it one of the best gravel bikes under 1500 dollars.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Tommaso Illimitate Shimano Tiagra Gravel Adventure Bike
  • Suspension: Carbon Fork
  • Wheels: 700x40c
  • Frame: Compact Aluminum
  • Brakes: Disc Brakes

3. Tommaso Siena Tourney Gravel Adventure Bike

“The adventure bike for Dirt Touring”


Comfortable riding experience
Good looking design
Shimano parts


Spokes could be improved

Tommaso’s Siena gravel bike is one of those bikes that stand out despite their limitations. The matte black and matte blue color options for its frame, the extra-wide tires, and the compact drop handlebar design alone are enough to make this bike a top choice.

My brother got this bike last year before I got the Tommaso Ilimitate and is one of the two Tommaso bikes we have in the family. Design-wise it is quite similar to the Tommaso IIlimitate with a compact aluminum frame. But this bike has an SST steel fork as compared to the Tommaso Illimitate which has a Carbon Fiber fork.

Again like the Tommaso Illimitate both the frame and fork come with a lifetime warranty and the frame is drilled to allow installations of a variety of fenders and racks, to make the riding experience organized and comfortable.

Specifications-wise, this bike is also built as an all-purpose bike but in my experience offers better performance at a lower price when compared to the Tommaso Illimitate. The disc brakes on this bike are much better than the other Tommaso bikes in the market and perform quite well on difficult trails.

The saddle is custom Tommaso and is pretty comfortable. I’ve taken this bike on a few rides and have enjoyed the overall comfort it offers. The suspension performs well on bumps and makes this bike a good off-roader.

The tires of this bike offer excellent traction and control and come with Tommaso Corsa TC-20D rims. The bike is a little heavier than the Illimitate at 26.2 lbs which is why it wasn’t my first choice but is lightweight enough for climbing and riding for long hours.

This bike also requires professional assembly and cannot be assembled at home. Also, the quality of certain parts is only satisfactory and will require upgrades or replacements over time.

Another thing to keep in mind is faulty spokes. One of the spokes fell off in the middle of the first ride and got tangled in the brakes, damaging another one. But I can’t say it was a deal-breaker for us because the replacement cost was fairly low.

Apart from this, the bike offers a comfortable riding experience, is well suited for off-roading and on-road trails, and works well in all weather conditions. I would recommend it for its performance-to-cost ratio and its extremely good looks. Overall, this is the best gravel bike under 1500 dollars that you can buy.

The Shimano shift twisters and 3×7 Shimano Tourney groupset offer versatility in speed cycles and make gear switching smooth and clunk-free. The 3 piece crankset is also Shimano Tourney and enhances the overall performance and makes maintenance and bike servicing Melbourne easy.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Tommaso Siena Shimano Tourney Gravel Adventure Bike
  • Suspension: SST steel Fork
  • Wheels: 700 x 40c
  • Frame: Compact Aluminum
  • Brakes: Disc Brakes

4. Cinelli Zydeco Gravel Bicycle

“The perfect mix of race and travel bike”


Wide range of colors and sizes
Comes with a 2-year warranty


The front derailleur could have been a nice addition

The Cinelli Zydeco is a fun bike for passionate riders and is suitable for people looking for a bike that offers comfort, features, and good looks all in one. The most exciting thing about this bike is the full-color range that it offers.

It comes in three color ranges, a rainbow color option, a single color option, and the Full color that has a trendy blend of all colors. My friend got this for cycling trips and has not stopped talking about how good the riding experience is.

The drop-bar handle design and the raised saddle offer a comfortable riding position and make this bike a good option for long rides.

The bike comes with a triple-butted alloy frame which helps keep it lightweight and offers great performance on the road. The bike has a Columbus Future gravel fork which adds shock resistance and keeps it strong in the face of obstacles and bumps.

The brakes on the bike are flat mount disc brakes which offer very good stopping power and make this bike a good choice for traveling through different types of terrains, especially through busy neighborhoods. The braking system is also compatible with hydraulic brakes and can be upgraded easily as per preference.

The bike uses a thru axel system which increases the efficiency of the braking system and adds to the lateral stiffness of the frame.

The bike has 11-speed cycles that offer a good range of speeds to choose from and enable easy maneuvering on different trails. The rear derailleur also helps to make gear switches easy however the bike does not have a front derailleur, but it is barely noticeable especially if you’re a beginner.

The bike offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty and comes in various sizes, with the latest XS size to make it suitable for younger riders as well. I’ve used this bike for traveling to camping sites in a nearby town and have particularly liked how it rides on gravel roads.

However, given the price of this bike, the quality of many parts could be much better. The bike works best on dirt and gravel roads but is not suitable for aggressive trails. It also is not a good option if you’re planning a lot of uphill adventures as the weight of the bike is considerably heavy.

Overall, this bike is more for joyriders than for adventure seekers and offers good value for money. The height range is also wide enough to make it a good option for buying as a gift, and the 2-year warranty adds extra points for ranking it in the top 5 on our list.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Cinelli Zydeco Gravel Bicycle Full-Color Medium
  • Suspension: Columbus Futura Gravel
  • Wheels: 700c
  • Frame: Columbus Butted Alloy
  • Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes

5. Raleigh Bikes Tamland 1 All Road Bike

“A stylish ride for commuters and occasional off-roaders”


Suitable for commuting and off-roading
Shimano parts
Fresh design


Not made for aggressive riding

The chain needs to be cleaned often or it will catch rust

The Raleigh Tamland 1 is an all-rounder bike fit to ride through the city and take on off-roading adventures. It offers diverse features, good performance in all types of terrain, and is as versatile as it looks.

It comes in a pastel green color, which was a very big determining factor for me. I got this bike to use for commuting and I really enjoy the city vibe it gives off. The look is super clean and fresh and is suitable for millennial riders, especially girls.

The bike comes with a drop handlebar design and has a comfortable saddle. The tiers are wide 700 x 32c and offer smooth rolling. The front and rear axels offer additional safety and enhanced performance.

Both the tires and the rims come with a tube design, but for riders like me who like to go tubeless, they’re both tubeless compatible, so its no trouble switching.

The frame of the bike is Reynolds 631 Chromoly along with a carbon fiber fork for added suspension. The bike is super lightweight and is built to absorb all bumps and offers good performance on the road, overcoming all obstacles in the way. I use it for daily commuting and it is truly a joyride.

The frame comes in different sizes and starts from the small size which fits riders from 5’4’’ and goes to the large size which is suitable for adult riders up to 6’5’’. The wide height range makes it a good family bike and allows for easy trade-ins with your siblings or friends.

The bike comes with Shimano 1005 ST-5800 shifters and 22 gears which make it truly versatile in its performance. The braking system is also quite powerful and makes it easy to navigate through busy roads and tricky trails.

The assembly of the bike is very easy and with the help of the instructions provided online, the bike can be assembled within an hour or two. Even for beginners, it is fairly simple.

Overall, I would recommend this bike if you’re looking for a dynamic bike that you can use for commuting but also take out for adventures without having to think twice. It performs well on all trail types but is suitable for mild adventures only.

The quality of the bike is good, but as it’s a budget-friendly bike, it is not built for aggressive off-roading and will fall apart there. However, it offers good value for money and is a nice bike to get you started.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Raleigh Bikes Tamland 1 All Road Bike
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Wheels: 700x32c
  • Frame: Chromoly steel
  • Brakes: Dual Disc Brakes

6. Mongoose Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike

“Your Partner for Touring Adventures”


Good Performance and Quality
Spacious Bag Attached
Front and Rear Racks


Height range is limited
Tires need replacing

Upgrade your riding experience with the Mongoose Elory adventure bike, with a feature set that makes it ready to ride for off-road, urban commuting, and climbing those hard trails. It is a bike made for adventure, with its lightweight frame, matte blue color, and 2×7 Shimano drivetrain.

The Elroy is built with a sturdy sleek alloy frame, which offers versatility on the road and excellent performance on hard treks. The metallic blue color of the bike makes it stand out and the paint job is top-notch. It is a bike that rides well and looks good.

The distinguishing features of this bike are the embroidered patch and the front rack that is attached to the frame. The spacious bag is suitable for carrying riding essentials, enabling you to be well prepared for all kinds of aggressive rides.

The front rack is large in size and contains a bottle opener in its design. The rack can accommodate two panniers at a time, and for all additional essentials, a rear rack is also present.

These features make it ideal for carrying out grocery runs, taking it out on camping trips and picnics on top of the hills. Additionally, the internal cable routing allows you to mount 3 water bottle holders, ensuring you never get dehydrated on your long adventures.

Specifications-wise, this bike comes with a 2×7 drivetrain and Shimano Tourney derailleurs. These offer it a stable riding experience, with easy gear switching and good speed variations to manage the pace.

The Micro shift shifters and the brake lever combo system ensure a smooth ride while the mechanical disc brakes ensure rider safety on the toughest of tracks. The disc brakes on this bike are extremely good quality and make the riders stop in their tracks.

It is an ideal bike for short adventures as well as a good option for climbing steep hills. The 700c tires offer low resistance on the road and good traction, and the steel fork ensures a stable ride by absorbing shocks from all gravel and bumps.

One limitation of this bike is that it only comes in one size of 54cm, which restricts the rider range. But to accommodate this, the bike does have a very adjustable Seatpost. Another thing to keep in mind is that the tires will need replacing after some time, especially for aggressive rides.

Overall, for the price range that it comes in, this is a good touring bike and can be an ideal choice for people looking to buy a commuter bike fit for short adventures.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Mongoose Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike
  • Suspension: Steel fork
  • Wheels: 700c
  • Frame: Sleek alloy frame
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes

7. Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike

“Best Bike for Adventurous Women”


Limited lifetime warranty for the frame
Women friendly sizes
Easy assembly


Suitable for beginners

Raleigh’s Amelia 1 is a lightweight, adventure bike designed to fit the comfort needs of all women riders. It performs best on gravel roads and is also a good companion for commuting to work, running errands, or going on cycling trips with your friends.

The bike comes with a lightweight aluminum frame, which makes it easy enough to carry on steep hills and sturdy enough to sustain rough trails. The bike comes in various sizes and is designed to fit women riders from 5’0’’ to 5’9’’.

Considering that the bike is designed for women, even though it is very lightweight compared to the other gravel bikes in the market, I still find it to be a bit heavy at 24.3lbs. But this can be easily overlooked and is not a problem for bulky riders.

The bike’s design is extremely women-friendly. The drop handlebars are narrower than the traditional handles found on most adventure bikes, which allow easy grip.

The bike also comes with a size-specific stem and a women’s saddle, which offers extra comfort and an ergonomic design to ensure a safe posture for all riders. The aluminum fork absorbs all shocks and allows for smooth rolling on unpaved roads.

The Amelia 1 bike is unbeatable in its looks. It comes in a sky blue color with a drop handlebar design and an adjustable Raleigh Seatpost. It looks strong enough for a gravel bike and trendy enough for an urban bike.

The tires on this bike are wide 700 x 35c and offer stability on all types of roads, whether its gravel or tarmac, ensuring you never lose your balance. The Shimano Claris 8 speed shifters allow you to choose from 16 gears giving you the power and flexibility to ride at your own pace through the trickiest of roads.

The Tektro Lyra mechanical disc brakes are extremely powerful and provide the bike with necessary stopping power, offering great control in all types of weather conditions. Whether you are riding in the rain or through a dirt trail, the brakes never fail.

The bike comes partially assembled and is easy to set up at home. For beginners, it may take between one to two hours and for experts its only a matter of 30 to 40 minutes. The pedals also come included with the box and the bike offers a limited lifetime warranty for the frame as well.

However, keep in mind that this warranty is only valid for the first purchaser. Overall, the easy assembly, the value it offers, and the great price it comes at, makes this bike one of the best gravel bikes under $1500.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike
  • Suspension: Aluminum fork
  • Wheels: 700 x 35c
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes

8. Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike

“A good starter bike for short adventures”


Included reflectors and kickstand
All Shimano parts
1-year frame warranty


Entry-level bike, not suitable for hard trails
The brakes could have been improved

The Giordano Trieste is a low-priced gravel bike that is suitable for beginners and can be used as a starter bike to take on short adventures. It gives you the feel of adventure bikes while keeping your budget in check.

It comes with a Chromoly steel frame, which is both lightweight and strong and offers three sizes to fit riders for a varied height range. The smallest frame can fit riders starting from 5’4’’ and the large frame can fit riders up to a maximum of 6’4’’.

The color of the bike is slate grey with a black handlebar and saddle. It has a classic design and resembles many of the high-end gravel bikes in its looks. All this makes it a good family bike and an ideal option for buying as a present. The price is not too much and the features offer just the right mix for a starter bike.

Other defining features of this bike are the raised Seatpost, the drop bar handles, and its overall sleek look which makes this bike a sure sight. The Chromoly steel fork on the bike makes it shock absorbent and stand firmly against all obstacles.

Although Giordano is a less popular brand when it comes to gravel bikes, it uses Shimano parts to boost its credibility. The Shimano Claris STI shifters make gear switching on this bike easy and clunk free.

The 32-hole double-wall alloy rims help to keep the bike lightweight and make the performance optimal for gravel trails. The 700c x 30mm tires provide it with the necessary traction and allow it to roll smoothly over all types of terrains.

The stopping power on this bike is not super powerful but is good enough given the price range. The bike uses mechanical disc brakes and they perform quite well in all weather conditions. However, keep in mind this is an entry-level bike and at best can give optimal performance on short rides through the city.

If you’re planning to go on steep climbs and serious off-roading trails, this might not be a good fit for you. Even with the Shimano parts and the 16-speed cycles, the quality of the parts is not off-road ready and will experience quick degradation.

Assembly of this bike is easy, and it comes partially assembled. The bike also includes a full instruction manual, a 1-year warranty on the frame, and a set of reflectors and kickstand.

Overall, this is a good quality bike, offers great value for money, and is the best choice for people looking to get a taste of mild adventure. I would recommend this for the significantly low price, the sleek look and good performance.

Specs Recap

Editor’s Score: 9/10
Bike Name: Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike, 700c La
Suspension: Steel fork
Wheels: 700c
Frame: Chromoly Steel frame
Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes

9. Raleigh Bikes Amelia 2 Women Adventure Road Bike

“The Lightweight Women’s Adventure Bike”


Comes with a warrant
Durable frame


The tires could be improved

Raleigh’s Amelia 2 is also a very popular women’s adventure starter bike, much like its former Amelia 1 model. The bike comes in a cherry red color and surely is every woman’s dream bike. Don’t get fooled by its stylish look and magnificent paint job, much like Amelia 1, it also comes at a very reasonable price.

The bike has a lightweight gravel alloy frame and does justice to its name, by truly incorporating every design need of a women’s bike. The gravel frame makes it suitable for taking on off-roading trails and offers the necessary support to keep it balanced in loose conditions.

The raised Seatpost is both classy and comfortable and can be easily adjusted to the desired height. The handlebar design is classic drop and the grips are narrower to make it suitable for holding for long rides.

The bike itself stands at a weight of 23.7 lbs which is a pound lighter than the Amelia 1 for roughly the same price range. This makes it suitable for steep climbing and riding for long hours.

The wheels on this bike are Clement X’plor MSO 700x 40c which are wider than the Amelia 1 and add to the performance of this bike. The aluminum alloy rims and the aluminum fork allow it to overcome bumps on the road and gravel shocks.

The brakes on this bike are Tektro Lyra and are suitable for all weather conditions, with their good stopping power. Amelia 2 has one more speed cycle than the Amelia 1 and uses Shimano Sora 9 speed shifters and offers 18 gears to choose from.

The Shimano shifters and derailleurs make it easy to change gears and choose your own pace whether you’re riding through the town or taking a leisure trip off-road. The height size for this bike is also wide like Amelia 1.

It starts with a small frame that fits riders from 5’0’’ and goes up to a medium frame to fit riders up to 5’9’’. This makes it very versatile and allows you to trade it with your friends, and also makes it suitable as a family bike.

With a popping color, stylish look, and good quality of all parts, there is nothing about Amelia 2 that you won’t like. It is an ideal fit for women with a sense of adventure, who like to commute to work or women who want to develop a hobby of cycling.

The assembly of this bike is very easy and it comes partially assembled. The pedals are included in the price and it also has a limited warranty for the first buyer. Overall, this is a good women’s bike and offers all the necessary features to make it dynamic and optimized for performance on different terrains.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Raleigh Bikes Amelia 2 Womens Adventure Road Bike 48cm Frame
  • Suspension: Aluminum Fork
  • Wheels: 700x40c
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes

10. Schwinn Vantage Gravel Adventure Bike

“For adventure-loving expert riders”


  • Diverse features make it all-weather condition compatible
  • Excellent performance


The instruction manual is a bit confusing

As the name suggests, the Schwinn Vantage gravel bike offers expert riders a good vantage point over all types of trails, especially the tricky ones. This is a bike made with adventure lovers in mind and offers features to make it all-terrain and all-weather condition compatible.

The bike enables you to let loose on dirt or gravel roads with its Schwinn Smooth Ride Technology adventure frame and soft tail suspension. The frame is lightweight enough to allow fast riding and sturdy enough to sustain long hours without falling apart.

The soft tail suspension is extremely shock absorbent and allows the bike to overcome all types of gravel, stumps, and any other obstacles in the way.

And while it has a strong frame that is well suited for all types of trails, it does not look like a beast. The bike has an extremely ergonomic design with TranzX Ergo Endurance handlebars and Antishock Elastomer.

The slate grey color, a carbon fork with mounts for fenders and rack, and asymmetrical tubeless-ready rims make this bike look like every rider’s dream bike. The raised Seatpost and drop handlebars complete the ready-for-adventure look of this bike.

The Schwinn Vantage comes in 4 frame sizes and can fit riders from 5’3’’ to 6’4’’. This is one major factor that truly makes this bike so versatile. Curbing the limitation on the height range makes it suitable for a large audience.

Specifications-wise, this bike offers a diverse set of features that make it versatile and powerful. The 35C tires offer additional stability and the necessary traction to roll over smoothly through gravel roads. A highlighting feature of this bike is its safety breaker flat protection which is mounted to Alex Draw 2 and ensures rider safety in the most aggressive trails.

The bike offers a fast riding experience with its 22-speed SRAM Rival drivetrain. Not only this, but the Vantage RX also has an FSA Gossamer compact crank and uses an SRAM hydraulic brake system.

All of the above-combined offer a varied range of speeds to choose from, an easy gear-switching mechanism, excellent stopping power, and easy chain maintenance. The compilation of these features, with the excellent quality that Schwinn is known for, makes this bike a great option for all expert riders looking to buy an adventure bike on a budget.

Overall, this is a good quality bike, it is nimble and lightweight and offers good value for money. The assembly of the bike is fairly simple and for excerpts takes only a few minutes to get it ready to ride.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Schwinn Vantage Rx 1 700C Gravel Adventure Bike
  • Suspension: Soft tail suspension
  • Wheels: 95mm Wide w/ 50mm Cutouts
  • Frame: Schwinn Smooth ride adventure frame
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes


Gravel bikes are a great companion on the road and in the wilderness. They keep you safe, comfortable, and energetic enough for you to enjoy your adventures and take home exciting memories. Buying a gravel bike is the first step towards your new adventure and if done well, can play a significant role in making it an experience to remember.

We hope that with the help of this list of best gravel bikes under $1500, you have already made up your mind about your new travel partner. And if you have any further questions, just drop a comment and we’d be more than happy to help you figure out the answers.

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