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Interior Design Trends to Keep in 2024

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Interior Design Trends

While waving goodbye to 2023, there are a couple of interior design trends that might stick around for a while. The New Year comes with fresh and promising decor inspirations, but why turn your back on stunning design concepts? Call off the clearance service and take a look at the tendencies that will still dominate the interior.

These trending interior designs in texture over gloss, brown revival, saturated colors, multifunctional spaces, organic shapes, tech integration, mix & match materials, combine different textures and finishes for visual contrast, and subtle color palettes.


The minimalistic approach will continue to have an impact on the interior design. Add up a thought for preserving the environment and sustainable lifestyle and you will get the leading principles of many designers for the upcoming months. Minimalistic design is associated with modern, sleek, and stylish decor. Owning fewer items with greater impact is enough to create a remarkable look. So if you have an excessive amount of items at your place, this is a good excuse to call the property clearance and get rid of them. Industrial and natural materials are combined to create a harmonious blend between the urban and the environment.


We’re not talking about the boring white and beige. Why limit yourself, when you have so many options? There is a variety of neutral hues that you can incorporate into your interior décor. When used properly, grey, moss green, neutral blue, black and white interior design colors can transform your living space. When picking this type of color palette you should consider how the undertones will relate to the primary neutral shades.

Light-Colored Wood

There is no doubt that dark woods such as maple are a classic choice that adds depth and transcendence to the décor. The lighter materials that gained popularity in 2014 evoke a welcoming and brighter feeling. In addition, using blonde wood is a great way to refresh your home and create the visual illusion of a larger space.  The material is particularly appropriate for the kitchen appliances.

Reclaimed Wood

While on the topic of wood, there is another trend that will still have a huge impact on the interior design world. Reclaimed wood will add genuine rustic dimension to the classic décor. You can get it at a reasonable price during the seasonal clearance. Don’t use it only for your DIY projects.

Bar Carts

These pieces were one of the highlights of the last year. There is nothing to hate about the bar carts. They are comfortable and easy to use.  Plus, they are not the typical home accessory, which creates a specific aura around this furniture. They are simple and chick. So why get rid of them?


2024 marked the brass revival. The material was incorporated in different design areas – from light fixtures to the faucets. It was about time to replace the cold stainless chrome. The accents are moving towards softer and warmer shades. The popularity of the well-established chrome and steel is quickly fading away.

Marble Dreams

Marble made a huge blast in the last few years. It was usually used in countertops but it spread across various sorts of appliances and accessories. It’s not clear what is the future of this great material but for now, is here to stay.

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