17 Flirty Texts Girls Totally Love

Flirty Texts Girls

A flirty yet not sexting message can be a wonderful way of putting a smile on her face. When you text a girl something that compliments her and induces a certain reaction from her without being too obvious, it can make her fall in love with you faster.

Many experts agree that texting is one of the most effective ways of leading a conversation in the right direction. But it matters a lot what you text, who you text, and how you send the message.

I am not sure yet what to call a text which is flirty without being a sext. Perhaps we can call it a “flext.”

Regardless, texts are one of the most incredible ways of connecting with people. This form of communication is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people get used to its convenience.

Flirting can be easy, but it can also be tricky. First, you need to establish whether or not your crush is receptive to flirting.

Barbara Greenberg Ph.D., a clinical psychologist specializing in family and relationship issues, says that it’s important to know if the person is responsive to such texts. She adds that “pupils dilate when a person is interested in you.”

Hence, you can use this to know if the person is interested in flirting with you. Such reactions speak more than what they would say with their eyes.

When you start texting, you can tell the direction of the conversation from the way she responds. Likely, your crush has feelings for you if they respond to the conversation, responding to your texts without waiting for too long.

Now that you know she wants more from you, what are some of the best texts you should use?

In this guide, we have compiled seventeen flirty texts that every girl will love to read, without you being too much. These are simple texts; not sexy, and yet flirty.

1. This reminded me of the time we almost kissed. (Attach a picture)

The best way to find good texts to send a girl is from your experience together. There must be something that you have done together, and you know she will be excited if you remind her of it.

You can even take some text messages from the previous conversations you had with her. Or if someone sends you a message that reminded you of a moment you spent together.

Pictures are the best tools for sending a memory.

This text will work because visual reminders are very effective. They are even greater when you include them inside a joke or a cute animal.

As they always say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Besides, this text is not offensive in any way. Girls love it when you refer to the exciting things they’ve done in the past. It shows just how much you value each moment you spend with them.

This is the kind of text that can get you on a date. And since it’s about something she did, it will put a smile on her face, especially if it looks silly and cute.

2. “I am craving some seafood now.”

There are certain things you need to understand about flirting. One of them is that you must understand your compatibility with your crush.

From the outside, this message does not look flirty. It’s just a simple message of you craving for sushi or anything else you find sweet enough to desire at the moment.

However, here is why this message works all the time:

  • It is a straightforward message. This is a great method to use if you are steering her feelings towards something you want to do with her
  • Food compatibility is a great factor for building relationships. You may not know it, but perhaps it’s all you need to get that first or second date you have been pining for
  • It’s a great conversation starter that will break the ice and lead you in the direction you desire

3. “What would be your answer if I said ‘come over’?”

There are many ways to ask a girl to come over to your place or anywhere you want her at the moment. But some of the ways people use can seem offensive and self-centered.

And that is why this text will work. We all know that you are not calling them over to watch a movie. What is great here is that they know you want to see them, yet you are giving them a choice.

In other words, you are inviting them while making it look like they came up with the idea. If they are really into you, this is one of the opportunities they will seize immediately.

4. “Have you ever missed me?”

The best way to flirt with a girl without offending her is to let everything come from her side. It would help if you found a way to turn around the message you want to pass so that it seems as though it came from her.

So, why will this text work?

It is a great text for your crush if you’ve just parted ways or have not spoken to them in a while. You miss them so much that it seems you are hurting, and yet you don’t want to be too obvious.

Whatever the case may be, this is a great way to make sure they are thinking about you as much as you are. You will be letting them know that you are missing them and reminding them that they should be on the same boat as you.

Telling someone you miss them is a special feeling that only you understand. If they love you enough, this text can lead to a deeper conversation where you can talk about anything you want.

5. “I am writing my wish list to Santa, and you are at the top.”

You may have heard the famous saying, “If wishes were horses, beggars could ride.”

That is what makes them special. And it’s even more interesting if someone else is your everyday wish. They don’t get fulfilled easily, and when they do, it’s something worth cherishing.

Now that the holiday season is around the corner, it’s time to let her know what you really want this year – her. No girl can resist this special consideration, and they want to know more.

This single text can take your whole conversation to a new level. Telling your crush how you feel about them via a text is that simple.

6. “I have so much to do right now. But your image keeps flashing through my mind, distracting me.”

Every girl loves to know they are the most important thing in her life at any given moment. Such attention makes them feel special, which is something you want them to feel.

Whether you are really busy or not, it’s good to let your crush know that they are always on your mind. And that it’s only them, even if you are supposed to be thinking about or doing something else.

You can create a little compliment to make this message carry even more weight. Say something Shakespeare-sounding like: “Your face shines in my heart.” A little flattery doesn’t hurt. If anything, it will only make her more interested in hearing from you.

This message works well because it’s a wonderful conversation starter. Secondly, you can easily tell if she is into you from how she reacts.

Whether she is your long-time girl or your crush, you can never go wrong with this text in letting her know what’s on your mind.

7. “It’s really chilly. Can you come over and give me some warmth?”

Is the weather freezing and chilly? Why don’t you take the opportunity to warm her heart a bit? Sometimes it is one of the best ways to tell someone that you care about them, and that you want to see them as soon as possible.

Chances are she is also feeling the same and would not mind coming over.

Using cold weather to invite your crush over to cuddle with you is a brilliant idea to flirt. She may not come over, but the conversation which might follow should definitely warm your heart, and hers too.

This text will work because it does not appear too flirty. It only shows that you care about her; that she is essential in your life.

8. “Just finished working out, can we hit the shower together?”

We all like what people look like during or after working out. It is a very hot and tense exercise that might leave you sweaty.

Telling her this fires up her imagination regarding what you may be looking like right now. It is a classic way of letting her know both of you are in the same steamy situation.

Even if you are getting clean, the conversation does not have to be so.

9. “What episode of GoT did you watch last night?”

This text works because you refer to shared interests, which instantly connects you with your crush. It could be a sport or a TV show like “Game of Thrones.”

The idea is to find something that steers the conversation in the direction that you want. It also gives you an excellent excuse to hang out.

We all know you are not just seeking to know if she watched the last episode. There could be some events in it that she found interesting and which could build a solid foundation for flirting.

10. “I mean, why would you struggle to resist this.”

Attach a photo of your cute or silly smile and send it with this text. A perfectly curated selfie can give you something great to talk about.

Once you have gotten her attention, you can try bringing in other texts that take the conversation where you want it to go. We all know it’s not about your face, but discovering if she can flirt freely.

11. “Can I tell you a secret?”

This is one of those messages you want to save for late night chatting. It is a time when you have each other’s focused attention.

So, it’s time to start spilling. Perhaps start by playing some game of “truth or dare.” This could be an excellent idea for flirting.

12. “You know you want me.”

You have been with the girl for some time now, and you are sure about her feelings; this is the right text to remind her of that. With this message, you can be sure they will be blushing wherever they are. Just be sure of your confidence.

13. “You have infected me with a huge smile for the whole day.”

This is text carries just the right amount of sweetness to let your crush know that they drive you crazy. You can say, “I can’t help myself from thinking about you.” You will always make her smile.

14. “I can’t sleep.”

You are in bed! This is what you will be drawing your crush’s attention to. You allow her mind to wander, creating all sorts of ideas such as being in that specific spot. Or perhaps you can’t sleep because they have filled your mind.

15. “Can you guess what is on my mind right now?”

She just told you she came out of the shower. Now you need to construct a text that builds a conversation. You don’t want to tell them directly that you are “picturing them naked,” so it’s better to hint at it and let the conversation take its course.

16. “Why do you always steal my dreams.”

This is one aggressive message that lets them know you are always thinking about it. It can hint to them that you are interested in having them with you in bed. Don’t let them know what went on in the dream so that they keep guessing.

17. “Let’s get this conversation to the next level – IRL.”

The aim of texting a girl should always be to get a romantic date. And this is one of the messages you can send after flirting over text for a long time with her. You are flirting without being too direct.

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