Types Of Candles Should You Use at Diwali Festival

Types Candles Use at Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil. The illumination of the premises during the festival plays a significant role. Lighting candles and Diya’s in every nook and corner on the night of Diwali symbolizes the destruction of darkness and welcomes the positivism in life.

The traditional method of lighting the entire house used earthen divas, but the popularity of candles has also increased due to their easy availability. The candles can be obtained in various ranges, colors, types to satisfy each consumer’s demand. The scented candles are a new advent in this field that, along with the light, fills the entire space with a soothing aroma.

The Varied Types of Candles to Use at Diwali

There is something about the candles which makes them purely beautiful and enhanced. Just with the mere presence of the candles, there is a lot of positivity which keeps spreading and adds to the perfect festive vibe. There are several ranges and types so that you can find the one that’s perfect for your home. The candles gained a considerable amount of popularity over the years as lighting candles on the night of Diwali brings in positivity.

Tea light Candles

These candles don’t take up much space and can light for several hours. This type of candle is also found in scented forms that leave a mild aroma in the space. Tea light candles are safe to light and can also be used to light crackers.

Gel Candles

This type of candle comes in a glass jar that contains colored gel inside. These candles serve as a decorative item apart from brightening the whole area.

Designer Candles

This type of candle can be used in brightening and decorating the house as well. If your budget is a little high, then you can purchase these candles to decorate your house on the special occasion of Diwali.

Sparkling Candle

The sparkling candles look very attractive and bright. Apart from using as a candle, these also increase the charm of your house. 

Scented Candles

Scented candles are found moulded in small containers, and when lighted, they fill the room with soothing fragrances, giving the perfect vibes of the festival in your house. 

Flower Candles

The flower candles are found in small containers that contain colorful wax. Among the flower candles, the sunflower candles have been in trend recently. Other types also include orchids, lilies, and similar others.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles are an all-natural yellow in color. They don’t need to add any fragrances or colors necessary. Beeswax candles emit a bright, clean-burning, no soot, and healthful light.


There are several other candles available in the market apart from the ones mentioned in the list. These candles are a great way to lighten up the house on the night of Diwali. Make sure that you buy a pool of different candles, which can help in enhancing the whole Diwali look of the house. You can get plenty of candles at very affordable prices also.


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