25 Secrets to Stay Happy and Healthy in Your Life

Nowadays we all are living in a world which is full of stress, problems, and anxiety. A lot of people feel that they are in the depression, unmotivated, lonely and helpless themselves. Mostly they live with this condition lifelong but some people can not face this situation and may attempt to commit suicide.


You can overcome this condition and live a happy life. You will need to drop our bad habits and adopt new good habits in your life to make it beautiful and joyful. You do not need to hire or find an expert that can make you feel happy. You can do it yourself. Just follow the following suggestions:

  1. Meditation and Belief in God – Always believe in God because God is the real owner of this world. Our body and soul are God gifted. We are not an owner of anything here. So always remember God, follow your religion and read your religion Granth (scripture) every day. This effort will make you a good person and pure your soul. God gives us all things, help us in any situation, omnipresent, generate positive energy and make us strong to face difficulties.
  2. Stay in Present – I will suggest that don’t think more about your future. Forget about your past, just live in the moment and enjoy your present because we don’t have control over future. You can make your past and future beautiful if you are happy in the present. Everything is happening that is already written in our destiny. Forget about your past and future just live in the present.
  3. Focus on Yourself, not Others – We spend our most of life by talking or thinking about others. We know all about the others but nothing about our-self. So focus on yourself and blur the other peoples.
  4. Keep your Expense in Limit – Try to reduce your needs and expenses as much as possible because you will have to earn more if you spend more. I will suggest keeping your expenses under your income.
  5. Angry People are Unhappy all Time – Angry attitude is the biggest energy and kills happiness that why humans should not get angry. You can not take the right decision in an angry mood, it will reduce your work efficiency and may break your relationship. Angry mood drives to quarrel and argumentation as well.
  6. Live with Low Ambition and Keep Life Simple – Money can’t buy happiness. We must have a low ambition to keep life joyful. It is human nature that they never satisfied with wealth and material. You can see your surroundings, people have big houses, cars, good bank balance, businesses, etc. but they are still unhappy and the reason behind it money and things can never make us happy. So humans can only be happy when they will be satisfied with whatever they have.
  7. Entertainment – Yes, there are many ways to keep yourself entertain like hold a small party with friends or family, go for watching the movie, dancing, laughing on jokes, go for travel or shopping, and enjoy life with your partner.
  8. Sleep 7-8 Hours Daily – After working a whole day, give rest to your body and take at least 7-8 hours of sleep in a night. If you don’t sleep enough your body and mind will not work properly.
  9. Do Exercise – You should also keep your body healthy and fit because health is wealth. It is our responsibility to do exercise 30 mint to 1 hour daily. You can join a gym, do yoga or light exercise at home. A healthy and fit person can enjoy life to the fullest.
  10. Eat Simple and Balanced Diet – We should eat a simple, healthy and balanced diet regularly. Try to give more importance to vegetarian food like veggies, fruit, milk, nuts, seed, and grains because food affects our behavior.
  11. Hear Your Internal Voice – Always do that work for which your heart says. If before doing any work you feel fear or have a doubt in mind, never do that work. Always do pray before doing any work so that you can get success. Also thanks to God after finishing that job.
  12. Keep Your Mind Empty – However, this is not an easy task to keep your thought away but try to leave unnecessary worries and tension away from your mind. Meditation will help you to do so.
  13. Leave your Proud Feeling or Greediness and be Honest – Never feel so much proud of getting success. The too much proud feeling can destroy and the biggest obstacle in our life. Also, try to escape from greediness because sometimes a good person starts doing bad work due to this greediness. If you want to stay healthy and problem-free, always work honestly and truthfully.
  14. Humble Attitude – We also should encompass a humble attitude in our life. If we will speak humbly, others will also do the same and respect you. Never do rudely and non-sense talk with your neighbors, friends, and family. A good speaker can make a new relationship but the bad speaker can break an existing relationship. So always try to speak less but talk gently.
  15. Spent Time with Family – Mostly it comes to see that people who live alone are more depressed, stressed and irritated because they could not share their feeling and thoughts with anyone. So spend time with your family as much as you can. It is also our responsibility to live and take care of our family – parents, wife or children.
  16. Leave Your Bad Habits – Everybody has some bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, drug-taking behavior, eve-teasing, unethical and anti-social thoughts. You should leave to make feel you good and happy with your family.
  17. Learn New Thing – Life becomes boring when you repeat the same task daily and don’t learn new things. Learning is the process of development. Today we have various sources to gain knowledge and experience – surf the internet, read books & newspapers, join skills program or academy.
  18. Keep Patience – We must keep patience and wait for your turn. Many up and down come in life, never get angry at small things, and always stay like a rock even in bad condition too. Joy and sorrow are part of life and accept them wisely. Patient people enjoy better mental and physical health.
  19. Forbearance – A calm and forbearance person never gets angry during his life. That type of personality can understand the situation in life nicely. They can solve the problems at the right angle and easily. A forbearance man or woman never get afraid of small issues and always looks like a Saint – calm and indulge.
  20. Get Wake Up Early in the Morning – Always respect the time, Go Early Get Early. Yes, You should wake up early in the morning and go to sleep early at night so that you can go to school, college and work on time. This habit will make your day good, improve your health and mind power.
  21. Help Others to Help Yourself – This activity will make you feel happy. Never miss any chance to help needful people. There are many ways to help – give someone lift, money, food, education to poor children or join a charity.
  22. Never Be Selfish – We should not think of yourself but also think about other peoples as well. A selfish person cannot do anything for society. We need to help and respect each other.
  23. Enjoy the Natural Spots – We all need to love nature and enjoy its beauty. To refresh your mind, explore natural places, watching birds, greenery, hills, rivers, and sea.
  24. Self-reflection and introspection – This technique will help you to understand your emotions, strengths, drives, weaknesses, mistakes, goals and where is your life going. You can improve your life quality after knowing your weak points and abilities.
  25. Positive Attitude – The Positive attitude is the indicator of a good personality and the key to success. A positive person looks more happy, charming, and non-depressed. Positivity also increases lifespan, lower stress, and anxiety.

I wish these tips will make you happy. 25 simple things you can do today that will make you feel happy. Leave your comments and life experiences below.

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