3 Reasons Why Finding the Right Cat Breed Matters

Reasons Find Right Cat BreedWhen looking for a new household companion there is a lot to consider. To make sure you give your new family member the home it deserves doing your research can lead to a happier cat. We must be honest with ourselves and understand how much we are willing to give to a cat. We all have lived after all! So, today we are going outline how to find the right cat breed for you.

Finding a Cat That Matches your Personality

Are you the kind of person that likes to play with their pets a lot? Maybe a Bengal is your kind of cat. Or do you prefer a lap cat that loves to be stroked? You could possibly look at the Himalayan cat breed then. Different breeds lean towards different behaviours which is why finding the right breed of cat is so important. Doing research at a pet blog can give you a good overview of a range of cat breeds. This could help you pick out a breed that suits you and your home.

How fluffy a cat is can be an important factor to consider as well. Are you a cuddly person that wants to hug a cloud? Then make sure you get a cloud that wants to be hugged. It would not be the best match for both of you if you got a fluffy cat that was not much of an indoor cat. You would have fewer chances to embrace its lovely coat.

How Much Care You Can Provide?

Owning a cat is a big responsibility which is why any prospective cat owner should be honest with themselves about how much time they can dedicate to their new pet. If you lead a busy lifestyle, it might be better for both you and your cat if pick a breed that loves going outdoors. This way they can get all the stimulation they need from the outside. They can play, explore, and hunt. All the things cats love to do.

If a cat cannot get what it needs because of the environment it is in, it will act out. The last thing any of us want is a stressed-out cat. They can become aggressive and very unhappy if they are ill-fitted to their home. A Bengal is not going to love being stuck at home with no toys all day. But other breeds love to quietly relax and can be low maintenance.

What Kind of Relationship do you Want with your Cat?

Choosing a cat is a massive undertaking. Understanding what you want out of a relationship with your cat will help you as an owner to provide a better life for your cat. We all have other priorities to consider when adopting a cat so make sure you are happy to enjoy cat litter when it needs doing if you want an indoor cat.

Indoor and outdoor cats tend to have different relationship dynamics on their owners. Outdoor cats, because they are less independent on their owners, tend to require less affection as well. If you are happy with admiring your cat’s beautiful coat from afar then an outdoor cat might be for you. Indoor cats, on the other hand, can be more demanding because you are their only source of food.

To summarize, we can all agree that cats are fantastic pets, so let’s all give them the home they deserve. Giving our pets what they need for who they are is one of the best ways to show your pet you truly care about them. With a little introspection, we can make the right choice for ourselves and our new family member. Your cat’s health will thank you for it.

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