What to Expect in Your First Surfing Lessons

First Surfing LessonsCosta Rica is one of the world’s favourite vacation destinations. Costa Rican people, also known as “Ticos,” are very polite, and friendly and can see the joy in almost anything, which makes them some of the happiest people in the world. Another great thing about Costa Rica is its sustainable lifestyle, which makes it an affordable place to visit during vacations.

Vacations spend more time in Costa Rica because of the low cost of living there. Most tourists who visit Costa Rica take part in the rainforest adventure tours to experience the vast biodiversity that this South American tropical paradise has to offer. Others learn to ride the waves by staying at a surf camp until they get the surfing experience that they have always dreamt about.

How to Prepare for Surfing Lessons

If you have never experienced surfing before, the best way to start learning is to take surfing lessons. Surf camp Costa Rica will give you the necessary training to develop your surfing skills. However, before you decide to take surfing lessons, you have to be prepared for the following:

Have Enough Budget

Even if you are a natural-born athlete, you may not get a good grasp of surfing with just a one-day lesson. It is highly recommended to book surfing lessons for at least five straight days. However, you have to give your schedule a buffer since you may have to extend your stay to get good practice waves. If you are serious about learning how to surf, then you should be able to make sacrifices on your accommodations and manage your budget effectively.

Surfing Lessons are Progressive

Remember that surfing is one of the most challenging sports. Waves appear different every time, and no two waves are alike. There are also a lot of factors to consider when you are surfing, such as wind speed, tide levels, currents, and types of waves, to name a few. You have to be able to manage your expectations when it comes to surfing. Your first successful wave does not necessarily mean that you will be successful in catching the next wave since waves are different each time.

Be Patient

You may not get wet at all when you book lessons at a surf camp in Costa Rica. Your surf lessons begin on the beach, and you will stay on the beach until your surf instructor feels that you are ready to hit the waves. Getting to ride the waves will depend mostly on your attitude and willingness to learn. Surf lessons will usually begin by learning about waves how they are formed and all the factors that must be considered when surfing. You might end up having one day of just listening to surfing lectures instead of actually surfing.

Prepare to Practice a Lot

While still on the dry beach, you will learn about the proper positioning on a surfboard. Your correct surf position will depend on whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Repeated pop-ups will be performed to see if you are quick enough to transition from your belly position to the take-off position.

Getting Wet in Water

Only after the surf instructor has seen that you are ready with your necessary surfing skills and the right surfing attitude will he or she let you go to the next stage – getting surfing lessons on the water.

Learning how to surf is a very demanding and complex endeavour. Being patient enough to go through the surfing basics and tons of practice pop-ups will make a lot of difference in mastering how to catch a wave.

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