Tips Buying Basketball Shoes

3 Tips for Buying Basketball Shoes

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Tips Buying Basketball ShoesWhen playing basketball there is no denying that your choice in shoes can have a huge impact on your abilities on the court. Investing in the right pair of basketball sneakers is all about choosing shoes that do great things for your performance.

However, whether this is your first time buying basketball shoes, or you are simply ready to invest in a new pair, there is so much choice out there that finding the perfect sneakers can seem overwhelming. So, let us discover 3 tips that can help you to invest in the best basketball shoes for your needs.

Establish Your Budget and Know Your Brands

Sports shoes can be expensive, but this does not mean that the best pair is the priciest sneakers on the shelf. Comparatively, no one wants to have to replace their basketball shoes on a regular basis due to poor quality materials that are not built for long term wear or high performance. Accordingly, buying a pair of basketball shoes is not a decision that should be rushed. Doing your research and saving up for a quality pair is often well worth the investment.

Obviously, everyone has a different budget and sports clothing purchases cannot always be a priority. Nonetheless, by purchasing shoes from reputable brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok, you are much more likely to get a shoe that will last. Besides, it is also important to note that these brands are usually endorsed and worn by actual NBA players. You can learn more about some of the basketball shoes worn by all of your favourite NBA players by checking out some of the resources over on the Buy Side Sports website.

Know Your Shoe Size

It might seem intuitive, but one of the most important things to consider when buying basketball shoes is that you absolutely need to know the best size for your feet. A surprising number of people end up with sneakers that are uncomfortable and, in some cases, potentially dangerous, as a result of an inaccurate assessment of their shoe size. Essentially, shoes that are too small can be incredibly constrictive whereas shoes that are too big can lead to rolled ankles and other sports injuries.

Basketball shoes can run small or large depending on the brand and model. Consequently, you might find it useful to read customer reviews about any shoes that catch your eye. As a general rule if a shoe runs large it is best to go half a size smaller, and if a shoe runs small, you can go up by half a size. You should also consider your arches and how broad or narrow your feet are. Correspondingly, do not be afraid to speak to a podiatrist for specialist advice if you have any specific footwear concerns that you would like to address.

High-Top Vs. Low-Top

High-tops are one of the most common types of basketball shoes. Their extra height provides a layer of support for your ankles that can prevent injuries. Additionally, if you are a power or post player that needs a heavier, sturdier shoe with better stability and cushioning, a high-top could be perfect for you. One potential disadvantage of this type of shoe is that they are less suited for players that rely on speed.

Similarly, low-tops are lightweight in nature and well suited to guards and other players that rely on athleticism and speed. As a fast or all-round player, your need for cushioning is less demanding than your need for flexibility. Moreover, low-tops are a popular choice for players that need to be able to move quickly in an unrestricted way. By the same token, when picking your shoes, comfort has to come first and so choosing styles that are known for their cushioning is vital.

Ultimately, if you are a keen basketballer, investing in a high-quality pair of basketball shoes can help your gameplay skills to reach new heights. Above all, by choosing a pair that fits well, protects your ankles, and can be worn comfortably for long games, you can avoid common injuries and enjoy your time on the court for many more years to come.

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