Tips For Home Renovations

3 Top Home Renovation Tips for First Time Buyers

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Tips For Home Renovations

If you are making your first steps onto the housing market ladder and have managed to secure your first property it is likely that you may have also budgeted for some renovations or general improvements.

Your first home is unlikely to fit your vision of your ultimate dream home, however, this does not mean that with a bit of design inspiration you cannot transform some of your spaces into unique areas that reflect your style and tastes.

Here are some key points to consider when beginning to transform your first home.

1. Be realistic about your budget

If you are planning to renovate multiple rooms in your home, it is imperative to estimate and cost the planned work to the best of your ability. Building costs can escalate quickly if you are not 100% aware of what the work will entail and realistically how long it will take to complete. It is better to overestimate the costs of work undertaken to ensure that you can cover all the costs. Thankfully, in this age of modern technology, there are several phone apps that can help you budget and plan your renovations. This will allow you to keep track of projected costs and ensure that costs do not begin to spiral out of control.

2. Bespoke designs allow for greater freedom

In your first home, it is likely that you are not completely satisfied with the layouts and designs of specific rooms. Hiring a company that specializes in bespoke designs gives you the freedom to break away from pre-fabricated “one size fits all” units and design the space to exactly what you had in mind. If you are looking to redesign your kitchen, consider bespoke kitchens St Albans. With bespoke design teams, you will be able to collaborate with them to ensure your dream kitchen becomes a reality and will be reassured by the fact that a company that has experience in bespoke design will be able to offer advice that is built on years of experience in the field.

3. Ensure that you hire true professionals

Most people will have seen a variety of television programs that show “cowboy” builders undertaking inferior quality work for elevated costs and either delivering a poor finished product that requires extra work to get to standard or not finishing the job at all!

Such renovation nightmares can be avoided with good research and paying attention to customer testimonials. Always check the website of a contractor you are planning to hire. Do they have a testimonials page and is there any indication of their qualifications? Can you determine how long they have been in business?

A bit of research can save you a lot of money and stress. Consider also talking to friends and neighbors who have recently had rooms renovated. You may be able to see the work that has been completed and will receive valuable first-hand feedback on what they thought about the contractors.

In conclusion

As a first-time buyer looking to renovate, firstly ensure your budget costs are realistic. Do your homework to ensure that the contractors you hire will be able to deliver to standard and consider bespoke design companies to ensure you have complete design freedom.

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