5 Comfortable Women’s Dresses that Hide Their Tummy, Legs, and Top

Women Dresses that Hide Tummy

Once upon a time, when women don’t show off their body parts as they show now. Even, they hide their hand, face, and foots completely with clothes. They wore full-body cloth so no one can see them. 

But nowadays showing a naked body has become a fashion trend. Girls wear small pieces of garments like skirts, short jeans, belly-showing tops or even only wear bras and panties. Ripped clothing is also in trend. People don’t have many clothes in past but still, they cover their bodies. Nowadays people have a lot of cloth and money but still, they don’t wear cloth properly or just wear small pieces.

5 Ethnic Wear Dresses that hide the women’s body

So I am writing some suggestions or tips for women who want to wear full-body cloth and want to hide their tummy, arms, belly, legs, and more.

1. Salwar and suit

Shalwar and suit or kameez is a traditional dress that is worn by females in South Asia and Central Asia countries. Shalwar is worn from the waist to the ankles and it covers both legs like female trousers. The salwar is held up by an elastic belt or drawstring, which causes the salwar to make pleated around the waist. The salwar can be baggy and wide, or it can be narrow from the bottom. The suit is a long top, shirt, or tunic with half or full sleeves. It is flat or x shape. The kameez’s bottom side is left open (the opening area is known as the chaak. 

Salwar and kameez have different types of design – Anarkali style, palazzo, short kurta, conventional salwar, and Patiala style. front slit style and knee-length suits.

2. Jeans and Top

It is a worldwide worn dress combination. Jean is a type of trouser and pant which is made from dungaree or denim cloth. Most jean’s colour is blue and black. It covers women’s lower body parts – waist to ankles. 

Top clothes like T-shirts, shirts, jackets, sweaters and tank tops cover the female body from neck to waistline. These top types provide full privacy and hide the upper body part. You can also choose many other dresses that cover your upper body. Most women like to wear Levi’s Pepe, Vero Moda, Calvin Klein, Wrangler, H&M, Diesel, and Threadz ladies clothing and jeans & tops.

3. Saree

Saree or Sari is a women’s cloth that is most popular in Asian counties like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Saree is a traditional dress that can be worn at home or on any occasion. Saree is a long piece of cloth from 4.5 to 9 meters. It is wrapped around the female waist and one end is worn over the shoulder. The women wear a petticoat at the bottom and a blouse at the top as undergarments.

4. Burqa

If you are looking to cover your full body, Burka or Burqa can fulfill your desire. It is a long cloth that covers the women’s entire body from head to feet. The black burqa is put on by females in some Islamic traditions. There is a small shutter on the face side which can lift up when they want to see anything. Otherhand, the hijab does not cover the face. Hijab only covers the neck, hair, and all or part of the chest.

5. Trouser and Blazer

This is also ethical wear for women. As we know trouser is worn from the waist to ankles and blazer from neck to hips, and even also cover our arms. It is a professional and comfortable dress that we can wear on any special occasion or event. 

So these are some best and most comfortable dresses to wear in public places and cover your body. These dresses provide full privacy and hide your tummy, belly, waist, legs, and other private body parts.

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