3 Ways of Monitoring Your Property While You Are Away

Monitoring-PropertyProperty values typically appreciate over time, so as long as a property is managed and maintained correctly. However, maintaining its value turns into a greater challenge when the home or building is empty, or nobody is using it. In time, and due to extreme situations, the property may even become a liability to owners.

Natural calamities, fires, flooding, and the like can quickly cause massive damage to any structure. As owners, you can expect more damage to your property if nobody is keeping an eye on it. The cost of making repairs can rise considerably as a result.

There are also other potential issues. Illegal settlers, for instance, could make your space their home while turning them away can become a logistical issue. Large vacant lots can also encourage people to dump their trash there, causing the value to plummet even further.

If you own a house, a series of apartments, or a commercial building, it is essential to keep an eye on your properties at all times. But how do you do it when you are living in a different home, always on the move, or have other businesses to keep an eye on as well?

Reduce issues and mitigate some of the risks by having an empty property plan. An expert on safes, security products, and mailboxes in Australia share a few tips on how to accomplish that occupied look even while you are away.

1. Hire a property guardian

Property guardians keep an eye on your estate in exchange for a fee or nominal rent. Depending on your agreement, the house-sitter can maintain your house and everything inside, or move their stuff into your property.

There are companies that provide bailiffs service to collect your rent and manage several properties. You can get in touch with one and have them oversee your home, buildings or lots.

If hiring a house-sitter is too expensive, a more practical option would be to talk to your neighbors. Working with your neighbors is especially useful when dealing with houses or for short-term vacancies like when you are going away on vacation, or your home is undergoing renovation. They can keep an eye on your property without the need for them to be physically there throughout the day.

With the right approach and by building rapport with your neighbors, you can have them remove any mail from your porch or post-mounted mailbox. Perhaps they might even be willing to mow the lawn or clean the yard for a friendly price.

2. Boarding up the openings

Empty commercial shops, buildings, or homes near a busy road are more susceptible to break-ins or illegal tenants than those in communities. In a lot of cases, security is compromised as outsiders are able to see what is going on inside the property. Timber boarding to cover up any visible openings is one way of preventing people from peeking.

One of the more cost-effective approaches to securing a vacant property is by boarding up any doors or windows. Planks of wood can be nailed across the openings to prevent would-be thieves from looking at what is inside your home or building. But planking also has its downsides.

Although using boards to cover up the openings can be useful in preventing people from seeing the layout of your empty space, it can also unwittingly hide whatever is going on inside it. Illegal settlers may have already gone inside and made the building their home. With the boards on, you may not know the condition of the space while looking in from the outside.

Seeing boards on a property is undoubtedly a sign of a vacant or damaged property. It may be worth using only for short-term vacancies, such as while waiting for the next tenants to move into the house or shop. The option may also be useful in boarding up a property damaged by a fire or similar incidents.

3. Install security cameras

Are you away on holiday or continuously on-the-move but want to keep an eye on your house remotely? Modern CCTV cameras and systems can offer you peace of mind by giving you a round-the-clock peek into what is going on in and around your property.

Standard burglar alarms and motion detection lights can deter intruders from making your home their next easy target. But if you want to add more security, invest in a monitoring system that can alert security staff if something is off. With installing such a system, you can have trained security personnel monitor and check on your property even while you are away.

There are plenty of reasons why your property may be vacant for a short or extended amount of time. Keep these tips in mind when considering how to monitor your home, shop, or building to maintain its security and value, wherever you may be at that moment.

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