5 Tips For An Easy Spring Home Cleaning

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Spring-Home-CleaningSpring is just around the corner.  And the great news is this: spring cleaning doesn’t have to be so terrible!  Not only will your home be beautiful and refreshed but your health will improve due to the lack of debris in your home!

Dust and dirt build up can create serious consequences for your physical health.  Additionally, living in a home that is full of clutter can weigh on your emotional well-being too.

In this post we will explore some easy steps you can take to clean your home and give it the scrub-down it deserves.

5 Tips To Deep-Clean Your Home For Spring

Tip 1: Use Organic Products

While the might be a bit more expensive, cleaning your home with products that are free of major toxins is important for many reasons.  Many of the cleaning products we use have harmful chemicals that are damaging to your body.

By choosing cleaning products that are organic and toxin free you will step into spring with a clean home that is disinfected from top to bottom.  Additionally, you won’t have to worry about harming yourself, your children or pets in the process of cleaning.

Tip 2: Hire Professionals

While many people opt to do the cleaning themselves, it pays to hire professionals to remove larger pieces of furniture, junk and debris.  Companies such as NJ Junk Removal N. Vitale Disposal Inc. are professionals who are prepared for your spring cleaning no matter what it entails.

Professionals have the expertise and equipment to move heavier items and will make your life much easier.  Hiring professionals should not be overlooked when it comes to spring cleaning.

End of Lease Cleaning

Tip 3: Tackle One Room At A time

Tackling one room at a time is a great way to do your spring cleaning.  If you want to go even further with this concept, you can create a schedule of days you will clean out each room of your home. 

Starting your spring cleaning without a plan can be overwhelming.  That’s why creating a cleaning schedule can help immensely.

Tip 4: Rent A Dumpster

If you’re dealing with a mess that’s on a larger scale, you should consider renting a dumpster for your project.  You can rent a dumpster in NJ with N. Vitale Disposal Inc. if you live in the area.  Most rentals are for two weeks and if you want to do the cleaning on your own, it’s a simple way of discarding larger furniture and junk without making multiple trips to the junk yard.

Tip 5: Have Fun!

This tip is an important one for sure.  Have fun while you’re doing your spring cleaning.  Play some music and get excited that you will have a fresh home in no time.

There’s no reason to feel upset that you need to clean your home.  Enjoy the process and enjoy your home when it’s organized and tidy!


These 5 tips for spring cleaning should have your home ready for spring in no time.  Have a little fun and follow these steps and you’ll be in a newly cleaned home that is spring-ready!  Good luck and enjoy!

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