5 Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways

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Concrete has long been known for its remarkable properties of durability and extended lifespan. What it has not been known for is its attractiveness to homeowners looking to embellish their homes – until now.

An increasingly popular type of decorative concrete is giving homeowners a new level of aesthetic autonomy, allowing them to choose and customise from a vast array of different decorative styles.

This alternative concrete choice boasts a number of key benefits that many homeowners may not know about. From exposed aggregate driveways to pathways and patios – for a spectacular look at a reasonable cost – homeowners are paving the way with exposed aggregate concrete.

Aesthetic Choice

Exposed aggregate concrete offers homeowners the ability to customise their decorative aggregates like never before. Instead of just a regular default grey gravel aggregate, homeowners are free to custom-create one-of-a-kind concrete surfaces. From colour, shape, and size, the variable selections one can make are endless. With a wide range of available colours and material textures such as pebbles, shells, and glass, exposed aggregate concrete is incredibly versatile in its appearance.

Safe as Houses

Exposed aggregate concrete not only looks great but is also safer than most other concrete finishes. Its’ natural stubbly texture provides more traction for vehicles and reduces the risk of falling for pedestrians. Exposed aggregate driveways are great when wet, and can make a perfect choice for homeowners living on a hill. The level of traction can also be further enhanced by changing the size of the aggregate particles used, giving homeowners the full freedom to choose their preferences.

Low Maintenance

Another key advantage that exposed aggregate concrete offers to homeowners is that it’s very low maintenance. exposed aggregate driveways prevent the chance for weeds or moss to sprout, making it unnecessary to take any gardening tools from out of the shed. Besides the occasional seal and clean, exposed aggregate concrete requires no maintenance and allows homeowners to simply appreciate their new driveway.

Increased Home Value

It’s clear that exposed aggregate concrete looks and performs better than other regular concrete. Now to top it all off, it makes sense that it also adds more long-term value to your home. Potential buyers are now overwhelmingly decided on exposed aggregate concrete due to its’ ability to make homes look more fetching and contemporary. Exposed aggregate driveways are said to add a tremendous 10 percent to the home’s market value alone.

No More Spalling

Regular concrete is known for its persistent problem with spalling. Often occurring in the winter, spalling weakens the surface layer of concrete leaving it cracked, rough and hollow. Exposed aggregate concrete, on the other hand, possesses a certain level of immunity to spalling having already removed its surface layer of cement during installation. To optimise the longevity of exposed aggregate concrete, homeowners are advised to have it sealed every two years.

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