Utility Vehicles for Agricultural Farm

5 Best Utility Vehicles for Agricultural and Farm Use

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Utility Vehicles for Agricultural Farm

Utility vehicles are small vehicles that are designed for specific purposes. They can be used for sweeping, mowing, transporting goods, clearing snow, etc.

Farm utility vehicles are small, fast-moving, efficient, and tractor-like vehicles that can be used for agricultural uses.

Utility vehicles are of great use for farm and agricultural uses. In this article, we will discuss the 5 Best Farm Utility Vehicles for Agricultural use. The list mentioned below is arranged according to the requirement basis.

Utility Vehicles for Farm Use


Gator is an all-terrain utility vehicle that can be used for transporting heavier loads than other vehicles and carrying more people. They feature a box bed for storing goods like Pickup trucks.

A Gator 4×4 has a base price of approximately 25,600 US dollars and can go up to a maximum of 30,000 US dollars.

Gators are fast and can attain a speed of 48 mph. It has almost 2000 pounds capacity for storing and transporting.

Golf Cart

Golf Carts are a great option for transporting and carrying equipment, harvested crops, and other goods. They can be used mainly for hauling.

Golf carts are light and better to drive on plain roads and can offer a maximum speed of 14 to 15 mph.

Electric Golf carts are the most popular ones as they are light, fuel-efficient, and quicker than Gas-powered carts.

For small tasks such as carrying vegetables and transporting small farming equipment, Golf carts can be used.


ATVs (All-terrain vehicles) can ride on any type of terrain and roads. It features handles for steering and runs of low-pressure tires.

They can be used for transporting, plowing, and other small tasks. ATVs are small vehicles that don’t have much space for any storage.

So, to use them for the purposes mentioned above, you can attach a trailer, plow, mower, or snow plow. The price of an ATV ranges from 5000 US dollars to 10,000 US dollars.


SXS (Side-by-Side) vehicles are used for hauling and towing purposes. They offer 2,500 pounds of towing capacity. Also, they offer a 1000 Lb capacity for hauling hay and minerals for feeding livestock.

They offer 2-seats, 3-seats, 4-seats, and 6-seats options for farmers. The best SXS vehicles are offered by Polaris. They can offer a speed of 25 mph.

The price of SXS vehicles starts from 10,000 US dollars and goes to a maximum of 20,000 US dollars.

The vehicles can also be used for carrying farming equipment to your fields and spraying fertilizers on crops.

Lawn Mower

Electric Lawn Mowers can be used for clearing up your garden and fields to plant crops. They have sharp and thin iron plates attached to them which are used for cutting grass in gardens or fields.

Lawn Mowers are available with electric or gas-powered engines. Price ranges from 1000 US dollars to 5000 US dollars.


Farm utility vehicles are great options for small and commercial farmers who want quick and small vehicles to do their jobs.

They can be used for doing various large and small tasks quickly. Unlike Tractors or Harvesters, they are safe, fast, and cost-efficient.


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