5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks

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Brimming with splendor and grandeur, Dubai is a city that thrives on the magnificent and the opulent. Aptly called the city of superlatives, it boasts numerous world firsts as well as countless world records. From the world’s tallest building to the most expensive drink, the possibilities are endless if you want to indulge.

With the kind of luxurious appointments in these posh villages, you would most certainly want your home to reflect the same level of class. How can you make your home look like a million bucks without actually shelling a million bucks?

Read on to find out some ways how to improve your home and make it as splendidly comfortable according to your sophisticated taste:

1. Keep it nice and clean

Nothing beats a neat and tidy house. When you have clean spaces, you feel more at ease and relaxed and that is a luxury in itself.

Keep your home looking luxe by reducing clutter and maintaining cleanliness. Make use of smart storage spaces that can help you organize your personal items. There are various storage choices that come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Look for those that perfectly blend tasteful design with practical usability so you can maximize its value.

2. Light it up

Lighting up your home properly will make a difference in making it look warm and inviting.

You can add a touch of elegance with lighting fixtures that can add glamour to your home. Do not just limit yourself to charming chandeliers. Explore other options such as smart LED lighting, vintage lamps, or even a luxury candle collection.

The well-thought-out placements of your lighting fixtures will add ambiance and flair to your rooms. You can make entryways more welcoming, the grand hall more magnificent, or your closets more sensational simply with tailored lighting design.

3. Magnify with mirrors

Mirrors are not only used to view how beautiful you look but also add space and depth to your home.

Magnify the expanse of your living spaces with big mirrors. You can also be creative and place different-sized mirrors in white or silver frames and decorate a wall with them. Placing mirrors in the right spots will make your home look more open and spacious.

You can also invest in unique or vintage frames that will add a touch of old-world charm to your home. Modern mirror pieces can also double as artwork so it is worth looking into that, as well.

4. Work it with art

Speaking of artwork, you can dot certain spots in your home with carefully curated works of art.

You can go for classics or explore more modern expressions from avant-garde artists. At the same time, you do not have to stick to high-end collections. You can also include artsy pieces from your travels, local art fairs, or flea markets that you favor.

Aside from making your place look more interesting, buying fine art is also known as a great way to build and diversify your investments.

5. Amaze with accents

Choosing high-end accents will infuse alluring air into your home. From marble to metals, you can select finely crafted pieces that will add flair to certain nooks and crannies all around your domicile.

A lovely lampshade with a marble base, a golden figurine from an exotic trip, or a jade vase at the mantel can all add a chic yet not overly ostentatious style to your home. Just a hint of shimmer or sparkle can already make some areas of your abode pop with personality.

You can also choose to accent your home with natural pieces such as plants or flowers. Even shells and stones in varying colors and sizes can also add character and warmth to an area.

For example, you can place a large conch shell with a sea-scented candle on a heat-resistant plate in your bathroom to give off that ocean vibe while you are taking a sumptuous soak. Or you can place a bouquet of your favorite blooms along the entryway to welcome guests with a burst of color and delicate fragrance.

A Pleasing Property
How you decorate and spruce up your home interiors can make your living quarters a wonderful retreat. With the demands of daily life that can exhaust and stress you, a quiet space where you can breathe and relax is definitely a welcome respite. If you are looking for a place to build your dream home, look no further as you can find the prime luxury real estate in Dubai.

When you decide to invest in a property that enhances your wellbeing, you also ensure that you are investing in a place that will nourish your mind and body. Add a comfortably appointed home to the equation and you get your own slice of heaven.

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