10 Crazy Gadgets of Consumer Electronics Show – (CES) Highlights

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Apart from showcasing 4k televisions, a few smartphone launches, and a load of wearable and fitness bands; Consumer Electronic Show also exhibited many unusual gadgets. In fact, CES is never short of crazy and best of CES gadgets. But these oddballs couldn’t capture the spotlight, thanks to the showstoppers like virtual reality headsets and Ultra HD TV sets.

These oddballs may never hit the massive sales targets – or they do not even hit the shelves of many stores but they are the talk of the curious attendees.

Here are 10 weird gadgets from the CES.

1. Belty by EmiotaBelty by Emiota
The Emiota smart belt is demonstrated at the CES Unveiled press event ahead of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., on Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015. CES will be packed with a wide array of gadgets such as drones, connected cars, a range of smart home technology designed to make everyday life more convenient and quantum dot televisions, which promise better color and lower electricity use in giant screens.

The CES 2015 was flooded with fitness trackers – gadgets that track your fitness and weight, but none of them were as strange as Belty. Paris based startup, Emiota made this prototype of the motorized smart belt concept which compresses and relaxes based on if you are sitting or standing. It also communicates with you via an app that tells reminds you of your inactivity as well as other fitness features to achieve your health goals.Oral B connected Toothbrush

2. Oral-B connected Toothbrush
The era of Hi-Tech toothbrush started back in 1954, with the launch of Electric toothbrush. But, Oral-B has taken it to the next level with the launch of Bluetooth 4.0 equipped toothbrush at CES 2015. The toothbrush not only records your brushing activity but it also lets you chart it so that you can you may share it with your dentist. The brush will even track your brushing habits to tell you if you are brushing for so long, or so hard in order to enhance brushing.

3. Edwin- The DuckEdwin--The-Duck
The rubber ducks are bath time favorite for young kids – but Edwin is no ordinary duck. The pi-labs has developed the app-enhanced duck that can stay with your child even after the bath. The waterproof speaker enabled duck can be a storyteller, bath time singer, temperature sensor, LED light and many more things.

4. Pacifi Smart Pacifier
Set to prove anything can be the internet of things, Blue Maestro has come up Pacifi-Smart-Pacifierwith a Bluetooth enabled pacifier. But what does a pacifier has to do with Bluetooth? The Bluetooth helps to send the report of the temperature of the child to his parents’ smartphone. You got it right – the pacifier is a thermometer too. It also has a buzzer alarm in case you want to locate it quickly.

5. Thync
Wearables devices’ market started as fitness trackers. But they have evolved into a smart-watch using which you can limit your smartphone or tablet use. Thync - Gadgets of CESApple Watch has taken a further step in being a mobile payment device. But, Thync is on a different path, though, by coming up with a device that changes your mood. According to Thync’s creators, users will be able to enter into a relaxed, energized or focused state with the help of waveforms sent by the device that targets neural pathways.

6. Rocket skates
CES 2015 witnessed the official launch of Rocketskates, Rocketskatewhich are skates but equipped with a pair of motors on each skate, which can let you skate up to 10 miles per hour. Just strap rocket skates on your footwear and gallop as far as ten miles, keeping the track of your route at the same time (through your smartphone via an app of course). Though you may look a little bit oddball in those skates, but in case someone tries to give you a hard time, you can zoom away quickly.

7. Parrot PotParrot-Pot-Gadgets of CES
The company that made mini-drones popular among the enthusiasts showcased their more eco-friendly gadgets; Parrot Pot at CES 2015. Parrot Pot is a plant or flower pot, which can hold two-liter of water and two-liter of soil. The pot will measure the light level, ambient t10-Crazy-Gadgets-of-CES-2015-9
temperature as well as soil moisture in every 15 minutes. The analysis of the data lets it know how much water the plant needs. And in case, the water level runs low in the pot, it will send a warning message on your smartphone.

8. Baby GiGLSmart-baby-bottle-monitor
SlowControl is not a new entry to the crazy gadgets list of CES. In CES 2015 they have showcased “Smart baby bottle monitor.” The monitor starts working as soon as any bottle is put into the sleeve. With the help of an app, it will let the pa10-Crazy-Gadgets-of-CES-2015-10
rents know how much fluid the baby has consumed. Through a feedback channel, it will also let them know if there is a need to tilt the bottle at an angle to prevent the child to consume air. It also alerts the parents as soon as it experiences any blockage. The device will be available for $100.

9. KubeKube-coller
The collection of over $13 Million on Kickstarter by Coolest Cooler proved that there is a terrific demand for such coolers that can do more than just keeping drinks cool. Following the same track, the Kube is a waterproof cooler that not only keeps drinks cool, but it is also a Bluetooth enabled speaker. But, instead of expected $299 price tag as that of the Coolest, the Kube will be available for a whopping $1,099 after it goes on sale later this year.

10. Roost Smart BatteryRoost-Smart-Battery
Crazy doesn’t always mean useless. The CES 2015 also hosted some gadgets like Roost Batteries, which are basically designed to incorporate with devices like smoke detectors – devices that are generally low on people’s check priority. The Roost batteries are Wi-Fi enabled that sends a notification to your smartphone if the smoke detector goes off and it alerts you if they are running on low batteries.

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