5 Facts About Underwear That Might Surprise You


We might have a love-hate relationship with our clothes, but you have to admit that lingerie can be just as annoying too! Like wearing any basic lingerie wasn’t bad enough, we also have to make sure that we’re wearing the ‘right’ bra and panty under certain clothes. Underwear and its existence in our life are unavoidable, especially for us women, we have so many varieties of options to dig in.

Well, you might have basic knowledge about bras and undies. Their styles, types, and what goes under what and others. But believe me, there are a few things about them you have NO idea about. And that’s why we have done the digging for you. Here are 5 facts about underwear that might surprise you.

Bare or Wear?

Well, wearing undies or not is totally a personal preference but there are some compelling reasons to consider covering up. Basically, bacteria and yeast love a moist and warm environment. So very effective and simple protection is to wear underwear under your clothes to catch sweat and developing moisture. This is why it’s not a good idea to go commando! It is suggested to wear cotton panties because that is one fabric that works great under almost all weather conditions

2/3rd Population of Women are Wearing The Incorrect Bra Size

You don’t have to freak out, that is indeed true! I’m sure it’s not the first time that you’ve heard this. A recent survey found that nearly two-thirds of women are wearing the incorrect bra size. Plus, 29% of those women are completely unaware of it. Many women only go for a bra fitting just once in their lives so it’s not surprising to find out that most of the women are still wearing the wrong size.

If you’re one of them then there are high chances you are probably wearing the wrong size of panties too. To avoid this, we must consider measuring our bra & panty size every 6 months. Talking about bras, we must look at four components: band, cups, straps, and center gore. Plus, your bra might feel comfortable, but can still be incorrect if it’s not exactly fitting to the contours of your body. Similarly, for panties, you should consider the waist and hip measurement to pick for your perfect bra shape and size.

Thongs are Not Your Friend

While most of you can’t bear the thought of showing up on a date with VPL but I think you should consider the potential side effects. Thongs are usually tight-fitting and tend to slide back and forth while you move. All of this friction and heat can lead to UTI’s (urinary tract infections) and vaginal bacterial infections, regardless of the fabric.

Although we aren’t really asking you to quit wearing thongs. You can still wear them for your cocktail parties or any other special days but make sure you don’t use them long hours. Especially these are not recommended for women who tend to release a lot of sweat down there. So if you’re looking for a replacement to avoid panty lines, you could always switch to seamless panties.

Panties Were Also Referred to as Drawers… WHY?

We all might have heard our grandparents referring to panties as drawers, have you ever wondered why? Basically, it’s because of the word itself, drawers are something you pull. Since we pull our underwear down, people during the 16th Century refereed to panties as ‘drawers’ Well, we can also consider one more reason why there were called drawers. Maybe because a good pair of panties can ‘draw’ pretty good attention. Wink*

Bras Should Be Replaced Every 6 Months

On a serious note, by now I hope most of you are aware of this fact. Cause it’s really important that you know when it’s time to let a bra go and move on to something new. We understand that sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect bra and once you do, it’s even harder to let it go.

Although a lot of women think that wearing an old bra over and over again is fine as long as it’s not falling apart. But the painful truth is, you’re probably wearing your bra way past its expiration date. The bottom line is: All bras have an expiry date. So, it is highly recommended that you replace your bra every six months.

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