5 Hair Trends That We’ll Continue to See in 2023


Some of the top celebrities made a name for themselves with the most recognizable of hairstyles during the 1990s. The iconic hairstyles from that decade came back in 2019 with a vengeance including things like chunky highlights and hair extensions lending themselves to Instagram worthy photos with voluminous hair.

But are those hair trends here to stay?

Luckily for you, some of them are. Below we look at five hair trends that will continue to see well into 2023.

1. Jagged Edge Bob

The ‘Jagged Edge Bob’ has become a staple haircut in 2019. With that messy yet sleek and shiny look to it, this bob is one that is truly timeless and will stick around for 2023 and beyond. You can the likes of Cameron Diaz and Dianna Agron for popularizing this look. The Jagged Edge Bob has a bit more of the raggedness to it with soft layers on the ends somehow reducing the sharpness of a bob while adding an attitude and sexiness. What’s more, this haircut brings with it the versatility of adding texture, giving the effect of a choppy cut with light curls, waves, and every style in between a possibility.

2. Colour Contrasting

Colour contrasting became incredibly prevalent in 2019, bringing with it the chunky, face-framing sections all the way down the hair. Gone are the days where people focus on intricate highlights and lowlights that are just millimeters thick. Back are the days where you can have stark colour combinations even so brazen as the bleach-blond on top, black on the bottom, or vice versa. Such colour combinations are here to stay.

And it’s not just combinations that will stick around in 2023, but the very ballsy and attention-drawing vibrancy such as the platinum colors, violet purple, multiple variations of pink, and all whimsical and unpredictable shades in between.

3. Twisted Balayage, or Balayage Mapping

Highlights in your hair have become something of an art form. Just the same as colour contrasting is changing, so is the severity of highlights. It’s no longer as trendy to have highlights from the top of your head to the bottom, but rather something more discreet, filling in the ends of your hair.

2019 saw a flurry of salons with requests for balayage mapping or bleaching just the ends of hair in a twisting motion. Sometimes referred to as negative space hair or 3D balayage, this process applies highlights in an unconcentrated fashion so it literally just looks like the tips of your hair were exposed to some extra sun while you were surfing.

In terms of the colour, brunettes no longer have to shy away from a harsh blonde, a warm blonde, or even a dark chocolate brown. The highlight colours that are trending for 2023 include hazelnut and cinnamon tones as well as the bleach blonde tips that really make your hair look like it is sweetly sunkissed all year round.

4. Fancy Braids

Fancy braids became particularly popular in the past year. Until recently, most people shied away from braids because of the juvenile style they brought to the table; only little school girls wore braids in their hair, after all. But that’s no longer the case. You can’t open Instagram without seeing a model sporting a fancy braid on a photoshoot, a beautiful bride at her wedding, or a group of teenagers on Prom Night.

The fancy braids are here to stay so you have so many more styles that help you keep your hair collected so it doesn’t get blown about in the wind but still looks adorable while keeping hair off your face but framing your face. Winning all round!

5. Long, Voluminous Hair Using Extensions

The long, voluminous hair was the fifth and final trend from 2019 that we are sure to see throughout 2023. It’s all the rage to have long hair, especially when it’s so long that the bottom half of the hair can be curled flowing gently over the shoulders. But not everyone can have hair that long. Sometimes it’s just too hot to support hair of that length long-term. Then there are those other times you want to sport that Jagged Edge Bob by day, but have the option of having long, lustrous locks of a mermaid by night

That’s where extensions come in. It isn’t just having long hair that is trendy, it’s the use of extensions to seamlessly transition back and forth. If you want the Balayage mapping and bonding so that the tips of your fancy braids have a bit more sparkle and softness to them, you can achieve all of that and more with balayage and bonding hair extensions.

In fact, using these extensions brings more opportunity and flexibility to utilize all five of these hair trends at any given time.

So no matter which of these 5 hair trends you like most, rest assured that you’ll continue to see them well into next year. These timeless classics offer a great deal of Versatility without requiring too much upkeep.

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