New Trends In Professions

New Trends In ProfessionsWith modern technologies, the trends in professions are also changing. Here are the latest trends in professions that you should watch this year.


The industry, standing at the junction of animate and inanimate nature, promises, according to experts, unlimited opportunities to create completely new microorganisms that will make significant breakthroughs in medicine and energy, in the production of raw materials, will lead to dramatic changes in agriculture and the emergence of autonomous ecosystems in place of choking cities from debris. And yes, biotechnologists of the future will probably receive orders to revive the inhabitants of the Earth from the distant past, even from the same Jurassic period.

  • Architect of living systems
  • Engineer in the field of synthetic biology
  • The designer of cyber organisms
  • Creator of microorganisms with defined functions
  • Specialist in the restoration of extinct species


One of the most ancient profession is to wait for big changes: modern technologies – genetics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and robots – will free millions of people employed in agriculture from hard physical labor, transfer the cultivation of vegetables and fruits from fields to mini-farms on roofs urban high-rise buildings will forever remove the problem of mass slaughter of cattle – meat grown in a test tube from one animal cage or printed on a 3D printer will repeat all the taste qualities of the original.

  • Agrocybernetics
  • 3D Food Printing Engineer
  • The operator of automated agricultural machinery
  • City Farmer
  • Specialist in artificial meat production


The task of prolonging a person’s life and improving its quality will require specialists of the broadest profile: from doctors treating patients at a distance, and personal health managers to professionals athletics. Did you ever think you will be able to take an online athletic administration degree? Today, you can.

  • Brain Implant Specialist
  • Creator of body parts and organs
  • The developer of cyber prosthetics and implants
  • Expert in individual pharmacology
  • Genetic engineer
  • Online therapist
  • Personal manager for human microbiome
  • Remote Surgery Operator
  • Specialist in biohacking and programmable health
  • The operator of medical robots


Environmental specialists will soon influence local weather and global climate, wisely and profitably deal with pollution of the planet, and even learn to give accurate short-term forecasts for earthquakes and other natural disasters.

  • The operator of “smart” garbage processing
  • Weather Management Engineer
  • Climate Change Specialist
  • Expert on accurate earthquake prediction

Energy and resources

The faster minerals are depleted, the more energetically humanity will look for a replacement for them, and along with this, specialists who will be able to control robot miners, teach clothes and shoes to produce heat and electricity, transfer power plants from fuel oil and gas to wind and sunlight, and finally tame fusion. However, in the coming years, experts will surely replenish the list of alternative types of energy with new sources, and maybe the bright future of the Earth lies in dark energy?

  • Alternative Energy Consultant
  • Underground drone operator
  • The developer of energy micro-generation systems
  • Wearable Energy Designer
  • Specialist in controlled thermonuclear fusion


New clean materials, robotics and artificial intelligence will turn the planning and construction of houses and entire cities into a fascinating activity for professionals who have not played enough with LEGO: buildings will be assembled from ready-made “blocks” or printed out in a matter of hours on a 3D printer even at the bottom of the sea, and ordering a “smart” filling for the home will become as commonplace for newcomers as selecting wallpapers and curtains.

  • Architect of green cities
  • Smart Home Infrastructure Designer
  • Underwater City Builder
  • Architect of independent energy buildings
  • 3D Printing Designer in Construction


Safety, environmental friendliness and AI logistics are the main drivers of change in the transport sector of the future: ground services will remotely control sea and airliners, and urban transport drivers will refuel their cars with new types of fuel, find the shortest path at the prompt of smart roads and fly through the air rare traffic jams.

  • Designer for new modes of transport
  • An alternative fuel tanker
  • The developer of smart roads
  • Professional drone pilot
  • The operator of autonomous ships
  • Flying car instructor
  • Traffic controller of uncrewed vehicles
  • Lawyer in the field of crewless transport


Already today, one can imagine what significance nanotechnological developments will have in all spheres of human life and activity: from the appearance in everyday life and in the production of new materials with desired properties and programmable behavior to the creation of robots and revolutionary technologies for detecting microscopic traces at the crime scene that are invisible to the eye.

  • Nanoengineer
  • The developer of smart and composite materials
  • Designer nanorobots
  • ​​Nanocriminalist

Light industry

The fashion industry of the future will directly depend on achievements in related high-tech areas: for example, light industry specialists will teach shoes and clothes to recharge numerous gadgets and sensors built into the everyday wardrobe, make jeans and sneakers “wear out” on the go, and enable them to print clothes exactly according to own figure.

  • Designer smart clothes and shoes
  • Technologist
  • Personal tailor for 3D printing of clothing


Every year, people will increasingly shift to the shoulders of robots all the hard, dangerous, monotonous, and ultra-precise work in production, in medicine, and in everyday life. However, the success of global robotics will be directly related to the successes in the work of robotics – those people who will come up with and give a “profession” to “smart” assistants accompanying a person from birth to old age.

  • Home Robot Engineer
  • Designer robots for children
  • Medical robot developer
  • The creator of combat robots
  • Lawyer in the field of robotics

Information Technology

The industry that is developing at the fastest pace, the field of information technology guarantees jobs for specialists of the broadest profile – from designers of the Internet of things and cloud storage cleaners from digital junk to masters to transfer information from the human brain to external media and psychologists who will help we preserve identity in the era of the domination of digital clones.

  • Internet of Things Developer
  • Specialist in the field of quantum computing
  • Quantum cryptologist
  • Neural Interface Designer
  • Engineer of digitization and storage of memory
  • Digital Addiction Removal Consultant
  • Creator of Digital Doubles
  • IT and AI Ethics Specialist
  • Big Data Digital Recycler

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With the rise of information technology, the security problem will require the emergence of a new type of security specialists – those who will help to preserve the personal data of individuals and corporate secrets of entire companies, who will be able to adjust a person’s digital past and secure the future from fake news.

  • Personal Security Designer
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Eraser of Digital Traces
  • The controller of the reliability of news content (media police)


These are some of the emerging professions that we will be able to see throughout the year. Many jobs are replaced by automation and robotics, but new professions continue to emerge. People now need to be more competitive and talented to compete in the job market.

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