5 Inclusions Security Guard Uniforms Must Have

Security Guard Uniforms

We see security guards in almost every establishment, especially banks, malls, and restaurants. They’re a vital part of our society to the point where they still come to work during the pandemic. And there are times when you hear of their heroism in the news, giving up their lives to protect others.

People who work as security guards carry the role of protecting visitors, customers, and staff. Some are assigned to secure the handling and transportation of valuables, like cash or jewelry. This means their job gives them authority but is high-risk as well. As such, they should be given uniforms that will protect them as they carry out their duty.

They’re expected to have a standard security guard uniform and protective equipment. The protective equipment will help prepare them for any compromising or hazardous scenario. Hence, we put together a guide to help you determine what their uniforms and equipment need. We’ll also briefly talk about the importance of a complete security guard uniform to further support our statement.

What is the Importance of a Complete Security Guard Uniform?

Having a complete security guard uniform ensures that your staff is visible and protected. This will also reflect positively on your establishment because it shows how you value safety. You don’t just aim to protect your business but also your visitors and staff.

An effective security guard uniform helps prevent trouble from brewing and it commands respect.  It can deter would-be criminals from targeting your establishment, staff, and customers. The employees and clients can leave the building feeling safe with the presence of the uniformed guard.

That’s because a uniform signifies formal training, professionalism, and coordination. And having the staff in recognizable uniforms sends a message that security is watching and ready to take action. They manage to maintain a strong visual presence because they don’t blend in with the crowd at all.

Imagine having an emergency, the easiest figure you’ll spot is a security guard because of their uniform. It saves you so much time instead of looking for help frantically in a crowd of unrecognizable individuals. And even if there’s no emergency, the presence of a security guard puts people at ease.

What Should a Security Guard Uniform Include?

1. A Set of Pilot Shirts, Trousers, and Epaulets

Let’s start the list with the most obvious essentials for your security guard uniform. On the surface, uniformed guards act as a deterrent to potential threats. But there is so much more to it than just being a deterrent or a symbol of safety.

A security guard uniform must emit a sense of authority while remaining functional. To achieve functionality, the uniform must be made of material that makes it durable in times of emergency.

It should be able to protect the wearer while not being a hindrance to them or their tasks. As such, the basic or daily get-up should include their pilot shirts, trousers, and epaulets.

2. A Pair of Security Boots

Footwear is an important part of the whole security guard ensemble and that’s usually a pair of security boots. Comfort is an important factor in choosing footwear because most of their tasks require being on their feet. It should be soft on the feet but durable from the outside, perfect for long shifts.

Ideally, the right security guard footwear should be water-resistant so it’s good to wear for any season. It’s even better if it has moisture-wicking technology to avoid any foot-related infections. And if it’s slip-resistant, it will keep your security guards safe from some potential injuries.

Imagine the security guard needing to stand on duty on a rainy day – that poses some risks. They could slip on the floor and break a bone or get a fungi infection from having wet feet all shift. Either way, it could pose a hindrance to their tasks the following day or week.

3. A Flashlight

Flashlights are an important accessory for every household because it’s good for emergencies. But security guard uniforms or sets must also be equipped with the item for a couple of reasons. The obvious first reason is that night duty officers obviously need it to see better. It’s a portable device that ensures they won’t be groping in the dark when they hear something wrong.

The second reason is that flashlights can serve as a striking device so day duty officers use them too. The reason for that is security guard flashlights are made of heavy-duty metal. They’re very durable and reliable in unforeseen circumstances.

4. A Communication Device

Every security guard is equipped with a portable communication device to contact others. That way, they can communicate over long distances while protecting the perimeter. They can easily report when a person goes in or out of the establishment.

In terms of choosing the device, go for one with a long-range radius and lasting battery life. That way, it can last throughout their shifts which prevents any technical difficulties on the job.

5. A Set of Body Armor

Aside from security guard uniforms, a set of body armor for some of them is necessary. Some officers are given dangerous assignments so they need proper equipment for protection.

The type of body armor you pick depends on the necessity and protection needed. You have 1) ballistic, 2) concealable, and 3) stab protection to choose from. Ballistic armor also varies depending on the threat level and can protect you from bullets.

Meanwhile, concealable armor is lightweight and can protect you against handguns. Stab armor is for protection against different forces of impact, like knife strikes.


Security guards are some of the essential workers of society, keeping establishments safe even in dire times. As such, it’s important to ensure they have the proper equipment to carry out their tasks. By proper equipment, we mean security guard uniforms made with materials that can survive emergencies.

The uniforms should consist of good-quality pilot shirts, epaulets, trousers, and boots. They should also be equipped with flashlights and communication devices. This should let them coordinate and act accordingly during emergencies. And finally, if they’re given dangerous assignments, body armor may be necessary depending on the task.

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