Update and Refresh Living Room

How to Update and Refresh Your Living Room: 6 Effortless Steps

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Update and Refresh Living Room

People are often mistaken in thinking that revamping your home means having to spend thousands of dollars on a remodelling project. The reality is that you can give an entirely new feel to your home with a few simple designs and DIY tricks.

If you’re feeling disillusioned with your current living space, or even if you just want to express your pent-up creativity, you have come to the right place. Here are six effortless steps you can take to give your living room a new lease of life.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Sometimes all your living room needs is a fresh coat of paint or some new wallpaper. Repainting your walls can make a space look considerably bigger and brighter in an instant. Depending on how much wear and tear your walls have suffered, you may have to do this sooner rather than later.

Reupholster Your Chairs

You can reupholster your chairs to quickly give your furniture an entirely new look. This is a great way to create some unique pieces and save a few hundred bucks in the process. All you need is around 3-5 yards of fabric, a pair of sharp scissors, and a stapler.

Purchase Modular Furniture

Modular couches are great options for families that want to design a unique piece of furniture. These sofas work in any space and can be used in a wide range of formats. Plus, there are many types of modular sofas that even come with added storage space.

Hang Up Some Art

Even if you’re not the best artist yourself, creating an art gallery wall is a fantastic way to express your creativity and show off your taste. Frame your favourite art prints, professional photos, and memories of loved ones in a mismatched pattern on your wall. If you happen to get bored of that combination, you can easily swap those images over.

Get Some Greenery

Plants work wonders for your living room. Not only does greenery improve the quality of the air you breathe, but it also helps reduce stress and fatigue. Find some beautiful plants and pots that match the aesthetic of your living room.

Add Smart Light Bulbs

To add a technological touch to your home, we suggest you purchase a set of smart light bulbs in your living room. This will allow you to customise and control your lighting settings from a distance – you don’t even need to get off of the sofa!

No matter how beautiful your living room may be, it’s always a fun idea to change things up and design a new space. If you want to keep things interesting and ensure your home is keeping up with interior design trends, feel free to take all of our advice on board.

As we’ve noted, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or even change up the entire space. Simply tackle the areas you’re bored with and start enjoying your revamped and refreshed living room.

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