Indo Western Styling Fusion Fashion

5 Indo Western Styling and Fusion Fashion Tips

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Indo Western Styling Fusion Fashion

The word fusion means bringing together two cultures and creating a new concept. Just like any other art form, fashion plays a crucial role in expressing different cultures. The fusion of different cultures has brought a new trend in the world of fashion.

There are many common styles resulting from the fusion of styles from different countries, such as the v-neck on dresses or the dangri and the tunics. These are all examples of fusion fashion that help two different cultures to relate to each other.

Similarly, fashion in India has developed a lot over the years. Overlapping with different cultures has helped us understand us Indians to discover so much about other ethnicities. Thanks to our fashion designers who have found some unique Indo-western attires that are exclusively suited for the Indians.

Indo – western fusion fashion by some Indian designers:-

  • Ritu Kumar is one of the most renowned fashion designers in India. Her designs are all about her fabrics and their versatility over the western dresses. Her drapes and shawls have always been top in vogue.
  • Anamika Khanna is another ace designer whose designs are all about comfort. Bringing into India the culture of wearing formal blouses with flared skirts, the designer has a lot to change India’s fashion industry.
  • Anita Dongre is a designer whose fashion line is all about “keeping it simple”. Starting from fusion to pure ethnic wear, this designer has brought the trend of weaning long Kurtis as gowns in India.

And just like these people, several other designers have had a significant role in bringing in an INdo-western fashion culture in India. Not just in clothing line but in jewellery too.

From Sabyasachi to Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, all have done a great deal in bringing gold fusion jewellery into a trend in the country.

So let us see some of the styling tips along with some gold jewellery fashion that would look fabulous with these attires:-

1. Long Shrugs With Tank Top and Denim, Paired With A Choker.

It has been a few years now that shrugs are a trending fashion statement. Ever faced a pleasant autumn breeze? A Breeze that is too cool to wear sleeveless but too hot to shove into the winter pullovers. In such cases, shrugs are a perfect outfit. Pairing your denim and tank top with a fabulous printed+ shrug is one of the most adorable outfits.

Adding on to the outfit, jewellery such as a choker would enhance the overall look for the shrug. Put on some gold fusion jewellery with messy hair tied up and very light make-up. That’s it! The diva is in her full potential.

2. Printed Palazzo with Button-Down Blouse Paired With Large Bracelets.

In all honesty, if I may confess, when I first saw high-waisted palazzo, I thought they were very tacky – especially the printed ones. But then I came across this aesthetic look worn by someone with a bright coloured printed palazzo.

Hence, there is no doubt that these pairs of pants can be versatile when styling. Just pair them up with a white button-down loose blouse and add a heavy bracelet. You can get some gold fusion jewellery online that would match this attire to its entirety. There are sites like svarnam that contains wide varieties of gold fusion jewellery. 

3. Tunics With Combat Boots and Heavy Jhumka.

Too bored of wearing your tunics with leggings? Well, try out this look. Pair a bright or pastel coloured tunic with just your combat boots. Or maybe just your regular boots. We know that wearing a one-piece is not a fashion statement that originates from India. Hence, this is one of the most considerable indo-western fusion cultures adopted by us that depicts boldness, creativity, and comfort.

This fusion style is a statement in itself. Adding sparkles to your charismatic aura, this fusion dressing style can be fused further with some heavy jhumka. And if you are not interested in jhumka, you can always resort to wearing gold jewellery fashion rings.

Out of all the attires, this particular fusion attire tops my list.

4. Waistcoat With Khadi One-Piece Paired With A Multi-Layered Necklace.

Khadi is a fabric I have always been in favour of. The versatility of this fabric in accordance with Indian weather is commendable. However, there was a time I did not think khadi would be something that would even stand close to becoming a global fashion statement.

I was so wrong. Pairing up the khadi dress with a printed waistcoat is one of the most stylish looks I have ever come across. As comfortable as it sounds, it is equally comfortable when you doll up in the attire. This fusion dress which is, again, an indo-western fusion, looks best when worn with a multilayered gold fashion jewellery necklace.

This attire can be worn anywhere. Be it your formal meeting or a casual outing with friends, and this pair is neither “too much” nor an understatement. This is just the right amount of dressing. 

5. Denim and Tank Tops With Hem Jackets Paired With Jhumka.

Wearing tank tops with almost everything is very common during summers. But to jazz it up a bit, try wearing the combo with a hem jacket. The hem jackets are mostly made of cotton fabric and are incredibly comfortable. The best thing about these jackets is that it deflects the heat away and gives a fusion look to your overalls.

Adding on some heavy jhumka with this, especially the jumka that are trending in gold jewellery fashion. A straightforward yet smart styling tip would be, wear your hair either in a low bun or a messy ponytail and be ready to own the stage. 

We Indians have always embraced new trends. We are a society that beholds various cultures and traditions amongst us. We are nothing if not all the diversities in our cultures. And it is because of the fusion of styles different traditions that we stand united. Hence, I discussed some of the styling tips that would ace the indo-western look on almost everybody. From big formal company meetings to casual meetings with your closed circle, these fusion fashion tips are versatile in their way.

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