Top 5 Tips in Creating a Capsule Closet

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Are you getting overwhelmed with all the clothes in your closet? Then, it’s probably time for a wardrobe overhaul, so you can start creating a capsule closet.

Less is More

Ethical and sustainable fashion is no longer a buzzword reserved only for tree-huggers and environmentalists. It is now a movement spurred by fashion stakeholders. So much so that in 2018, the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Change was born.

More and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon and looking for more sustainable solutions when coming out with their fashion lines.

Another driver for the popularization of the capsule wardrobe is the move towards a more minimalist lifestyle. Whether it’s influenced by the desire to help save the planet or live a simpler life, people with minimalist ideals gravitate to a closet composed only of fashion essentials.

From turning women’s summer blouses into everyday wear or finding several ways to wear a white mini-dress made with sustainable cotton, there are concrete steps that you can take towards a leaner, eco-friendly closet.

1. Weed Out

The first thing you need to do is pare down your wardrobe. Stick to the basics, such as a white pin-tucked blouse, a little black dress with hand embroidery, or other timeless fashion pieces in neutral colors.

Invest in trans-seasonal items.

For example, choose a classic design from a collection of women’s summer trousers and see how you can wear them for spring, winter, or fall. Let go of clothes that do not fit you anymore or those you do not see yourself wearing anytime in the foreseeable future. You can sell or donate these. Either way, just get it out of your closet.

2. Stay Loyal

With a pared-down closet, resolve to stay loyal to the ones that got left behind. If you have the basics in your closet, then there are plenty of ways to wear them for a season without needing to buy more. Mix and match your wardrobe staples, and you’ll be surprised how many fabulous looks you can come up with.

3. Hold It In

The temptation to buy and hoard clothes may be strong (especially if you’ve been a habitual shopper) but resist as much as possible. Try to challenge yourself to keep the purse strings tight, at least for a season.

4. Strategize

Maintaining a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean you cannot buy clothes anymore. While waiting for the season-long thou-shalt-not-buy-anything-new challenge to end, you can plan your next capsule wardrobe.

You can window-shop and look for sustainable fashion options. You don’t even have to leave the house to do that since you can conveniently shop online. There are clothing companies that make it their mission to create classic pieces that transcend trends and help you build a more conscientious yet fashionable wardrobe.

5. Dial Down

When you’re finally in the safe-to-buy zone (ideally around the last two weeks of the season), just remind yourself to be prudent with your choices. You don’t have to empty that bank just to create a capsule wardrobe.

Think quality over quantity when shopping for clothes and avoid fast fashion. Instead, go for clean silhouettes, classic lines, and beautifully crafted pieces. Investing in wardrobe items that use high-quality and sustainable materials and are produced with careful consideration for people and the planet is sure worth every penny you spend.

Style and Substance

Curating a capsule wardrobe may need some work at first (and possibly plenty of self-control), but when you are serious about simplifying your life or helping Mother Earth, going for pieces that combine beautiful form and purposeful function will go a long way.

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