5 Points To Check for Healthy Light In Your Home Workspace

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Creating-Home-WorkspaceAs most of us are staying and working from home at the moment. To avoid your home office space, becoming a place of easy distraction and anxiety, good lighting is required. So we’ve come up with some bits of advice for home office lighting and how to make them healthy and efficient to help keep you focused.

1. Place your desk nearby a window

Avoid dark corners. Your home office shouldn’t hide you away in a shady spot as you won’t get any work completed. Instead, stay in light – both Day natural and artificial. Done right, lighting can be as motivational as a good cup of tea or praise from the boss!

You should find a working space with lots of natural light in the daytime – this will not only save on your energy bill but will also improve your mood. It’s scientifically proven that the natural light in an office will increase your productivity, energy, and overall health.

2. Use a tunable white light source if possible

The tunable light could give you a great feeling while you work. It could help you reach the needed light level in the daytime with a 6000K color temperature, which is the same as natural daylight. It could be changed to warm light (3000 to 4000K ) in the daytime to match the sunset’s light color.

3. Use a flicker-free light lamp

As most of us using LED lighting lamps at the moment, you should avoid bulbs that flicker due to poor quality LED drivers. Flicker could cause headaches, focus issues, and eye problems. There are some designer lighting stores melbourne where you can check stylish and elegant lighting lamps for home office.

4. Avoid Glare

Glare is the loss of visual performance or distress created by an intensity of light in the visual field more significant than the intensity of the light to which the eyes are adjusted. Glare happens when too much light enters our eye and interferes with our eye’s ability to manage it.

the light source in our workplace should light the area we use for work but not directly to our line of sight

5. Power up with a charging lamp

As most of us Always forget our charger or are fed up with carrying it around, charging lamps are great to use. As they give us the freedom of wireless charging our phones.

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