5 Stages of Cultivating a Healthy Body Through Candisol Products


At the national candida center, we designed a five-phase program to support overall health and wellness by addressing Candida’s overgrowth and eliminating foods from your diet that can feed Candida. We do this by restoring beneficial bacteria in your gut through probiotics and fermented foods, replenishing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, balancing your immune system, and detoxifying your body from toxins that can burden your liver. The following five stages provide an outline to help you cultivate a healthy body.

The Five Phases of Healing with CANDISOL Products

When it comes to cultivating a healthy body, Candisol products have you covered. Our five-phase method is based on scientific evidence and our long-standing experience working with people like you.

Stage 1: Alkalize

Our CANDISOL treatment begins with an evaluation of your diet and lifestyle to determine which toxins are causing harm to your body. We restore your body’s pH balance using the CANDISOL product and diet change in this first phase. Without this step, it’s hard to be successful. However, if you take it seriously, your chances of lasting recovery are almost certain!

Stage 2: Replace

In this phase, we help you replace the following things: deficient micronutrients, enzymes, and other digestive factors lacking in the gastrointestinal tract. Lack of essential nutrients is one of the fundamental problems in our culture, mainly due to over-processed foods, an acidic diet, and poor food choices.

Stage 3: Re-Inoculation

Phase 3 involves creating a healthy balance of desirable microflora in your GI tract by replacing your unhealthy food intake with healthy macronutrients (oils, carbs, and proteins). Consuming foods containing probiotics and prebiotics is a great way to begin. These nutrients will help create a balanced and healthy GI tract. They selectively promote the growth of friendly bacteria while discouraging the harmful ones.

Stage 4: Regenerating & Repair

Candida infestation destroys the mucosa lining your intestines. In this phase, we focus on regenerating and repairing your mucosa. Repairing this tissue is crucial to eliminating chronic conditions like food allergies, fatigue, and irritable bowel syndrome.

To help your body heal, we focus heavily on providing certain nutrients like vitamins and amino acids that support your GI tract’s ability to regenerate. You may also do an Intestinal or leaky gut repair program. An alkalizing diet promotes gut healing and regeneration. You will be given a diet plan based on an evaluation and the input of our Health Coach. 

Stage 5: Repair phase

The Repair Phase is focused on healing any damage that has occurred in the intestinal tract from abnormal digestion, inflammation, and irritation. Therefore, this phase must help improve digestion, reduce inflammation, repair tissue, maintain cell integrity and strengthen immunity.

The Repair Phase usually lasts 4-12 weeks, depending upon the severity, first, by changing the inside environment with ongoing alkalization and eliminating certain foods from the diet. Next, we use multiple herbal botanicals, which we will carefully select based on your stool sensitivity test.

If a person has been ill for many years or has a chronic illness, this phase may need repeated several times.


CANDISOL products treatment provides you with the tools necessary to adequately address Candida overgrowth and guides you through the process, teaching you about the root causes of your health concerns and how Candida can contribute to them.

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