Pulsar 150 Second Hand

5 Things to Check before Buying Pulsar 150 Second Hand

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Pulsar 150 Second Hand

As one of India’s busiest metro cities, Bangalore is witnessing a surge in sales of pre-owned motorbikes, among which the most preferred is the Pulsar 150 second hand Bangalore. This comes after an unprecedented rise in the price of new vehicles and aftereffects of lifestyle changes post the COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest study on automobile buying trends in 2021 conducted by a collaboration of research firm IPSOS and online second-hand vehicles CARS24 has shown that millennials are now largely moving towards purchasing pre-owned motorbikes. The survey has also identified various buying behaviors among India’s young buyers, highlighting that about 80 percent of them are shifting towards second-hand vehicles and are feeding the web-based seller app industries. This has happened due to the proliferation of reliable online stores from where one can get varieties of motorbikes as per their budgets, and the Pulsar 150 second hand Bangalore in conditions good as new.

Want to buy a second-hand Pulsar 150, Check these things

As a responsible buyer, these are some vital things to check before buying the Pulsar 150 second-hand Bangalore:

Enlist your usage requirements

Before you venture out to get yourself a Pulsar 150 second-hand Bangalore, you must make a pros and cons list of having a personal vehicle. After that, enlist viable reasons for getting yourself the Pulsar 150 classic – is it based on your need for daily commute to work, weekend getaways with friends, a backup mode of transport for daily chores, or just a long-time dream to own a vehicle? It might look like an insignificant job, but defining your usage requirements before heading out to purchase solves long-term problems. If you are considering a bike as a luxury item or are settling for secondhand due to work demands, in both cases, your expectations, budgetary listings, and design choices will differ considerably.

Think of your requirements before buying a bike.

Pricing proportionality with Specifications

Before you dig into the basics of bike design, physique, and specifications, you need to thoroughly check the down payments and EMIs of newer versions of Pulsar 150 second hand Bangalore as it will help you get a broad idea of what options are presented in front of you. The Pulsar 150, having a fuel tank capacity of 15L and mileage of 65 km/l fitted with 5 gears and a wet multi-plate clutch, will come for a huge EMI if you purchase a brand new model. But, due to its excellent performance, these features are retained even after 2 years of usage for a Pulsar 150 model.

Sellers might confuse you by charging more due to bike specifications, but you must keep the price proportional to the current depreciated value of the vehicle in the market. You can also be tricked here when second-hand bike sellers demand higher prices due to the almost new condition but remember that the whole idea of purchasing second-hand vehicles is to avail a low-cost option.

It is okay to compare and contrast the condition of the vehicle, its performance, and other related things. But if you are absolutely new in this field and don’t have much expertise when it comes to bikes you can always visit the online platforms that offer a second-hand with a budget and these platforms deliver special tailor made requirements just for the customers like yourself.

Verify the Sellers

The Internet is as complicated as it is resourceful. Many times fraudulent businesses posing as Pulsar 150 second hand Bangalore sellers can secure deals with you and rob you of a decent sum of money pretending to be genuine bike enthusiasts. Therefore, wherever you go, verification of sources is critical.

Start browsing weeks in advance all the online sellers and physical dealers’ showrooms, licensing, customer testimonials, etc. Only begin the buying process once you are fully confident of the seller’s credentials. Also in these circumstances, the previous owner/ seller might fool you and the deal may definitely be a loss for you.

But there is an alternative method through which you will absolutely be on the safer side and that is to buy second-hand bikes from an online second-hand bike selling platform like Beepkart. These kinds of bike-selling platforms always look after their customers and make sure that their customers are getting quality products for the money they are spending on the bike.

Anomalies over Additional features

This is a short yet valuable rule of buying a Pulsar 150 second-hand Bangalore which might appear something absurd at first. The primary aim here is to quantify both the anomalies as well as additional features of the motorbike you are choosing to buy. You can ask for a first-hand check of potential oil leakage spots, fuel tanks, chassis, battery, the split-seat, the rear disc brake, etc.

The Pulsar 150 is powered by a 149 cc single-cylinder and is marked by max power of 14 bhp at 8,000 rpm. Its max torque is calculated at 13.4 Nm at 6,000 rpm with a fuel injection system and air cooling. Test ride the Pulsar 150 to be sure whether it suits your buying needs. As seen in most consumer behavior studies, the ratio of anomalies to features largely impacts your buying decisions.

Legal confirmation and assurance

The moment you are satisfied with the Pulsar 150’s transmission, electricals, fuel consumption, and other additional features, you can now pay attention to obtaining legal documents for the second-hand bike from the dealer. Some of the legal assurance documents you should compulsorily ask for are its Pollution Under Control (PUC) certification, Registration Certificate, No Objection Certificate (NOC), and Bike Insurance. But if you buy the bike from an online second-hand bike selling platform then you obviously won’t have to deal with all this paperwork.

One of the most affordable options for daily work commute preferred by working professionals in India’s top-rated corporate city is to buy a Pulsar 150 second-hand Bangalore so go grab yours after checking the above prerequisites.


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