5 Things the Media hasn’t Told You About Modern Bathroom

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Unseen-Modern-BathroomThe bathroom is a private space that offers a double feeling. In the morning, people are busy preparing here and starting a good day. In the evening, it became a quiet refuge, and people relax in the warm bathtub for a day of fatigue. Celebrate every mood and mood in your private space, and light up the walls and ceiling lights. Today, I will teach you how to create a modern bathroom that is different in three steps.

White space and layering

Modern bathrooms tend to reflect a sense of quality, while the high-end feels need to be white and create a high level. In the bathroom, the best way to leave the white is to make wall-mounted designs, such as wall-mounted toilets, suspended washbasins, wall-mounted faucets, niches, and other messy parts hidden in the wall.

If your bathroom is in a flat shape, you can extend the storage pattern by making a false wall from the toilet to the washbasin and a built-in mirror cabinet on the wall.

  1. Alcove: It can be extended to the shower room, place the most commonly used things on the alcove, instead of the messy shower gel rack, and you can also add some special edge design to the niche, which improves the Overall and simple.
  2. Suspended design: the basin and the toilet are all suspended, and the bathtub is made into the wall type, completely eliminating the sanitary corner and reducing the cleaning burden. Moreover, the wall-mounted toilet is more convenient to shift, making the layout of the bathroom more free, and very friendly to the mini bathroom of about 2 square meters.
  3. No main lamp design: Through a variety of lighting design, the change of light and shadow makes the whole space more layered. You can use recessed downlights, niche spotlights and bathtub-side small lights, although the main space looks bright and tidy. Enuotek’s embedded moisture-proof downlights won’t make your bathroom’s lighting abrupt and unnatural.

You can also use the design of the mirror light, chandelier and half wall light strip, which not only raises the value of the bathroom, but also softens the light projected onto the person, or creates an ambience with candles, soaks in soft candlelight. It is a very healing thing.

The partial design should be eye-catching

Wall, floor, partition. These partial positions of the washbasin cabinets have become more eye-catching, and the value of the bathroom has been raised to a higher level.

  1. Wall tiles: use wall tiles of various colours, not limited to the small space of the bathroom, boldly try different colours, with a different colour of the beautiful grout, to create a textured colour wall. In addition to colour, you can also think about the shape. With a different way of paving, the whole feeling will be different. It can be simple tiled bricks, bread bricks, or tiling, splicing, hexagonal bricks, fish scale bricks, or different styles of tiles. For example, Moroccan tiles, the tile design of the block is extended in the visual upstream, but things to be noticed should be simple or otherwise seem to be disorderly. In addition to this, you can also use waterproof paint, it is easier to touch the bottom half of the water with the wall tiles, the upper part is painted, and a simple sanitary wall is made.
  2. Partition: Different bathroom doors and partitions can also enhance the modern style of the bathroom. Not just ordinary clear glass, you can make a grid of sliding doors, grey glass doors, frosted glass or Changhong glass doors.
  3. Basin and bathroom cabinet: custom-made bathroom cabinet with the same wall colour and no handle design to match the wall design, improve the overall sense and modernity. The overall custom-made and partitioned bathroom storage cabinets of the same colour. Even if it is just white paint, as long as there are exquisite mirrors, wall lamps, bathroom cabinets can improve the style of the entire bathroom.

Pay attention to detailRenovate-Your-Bathroom

The details are the devil. If the details are not handled well, the overall feeling will be greatly reduced, so if you want to create a modern bathroom with a high style, you have to think about picking good accessories as the finishing touch.

Metal elements are the easiest way to add a sense of quality, with a variety of brass accessories, such as brass vintage faucet showers, brass towel rails, brass paper magazine racks. There are also basin faucets, railings, lamps, vases and even mirror frames that add a little brass to each other.

If you like the natural and warm style, without brass, you can add some green plants with natural materials such as cotton leather or logs. As long as it follows the principle of uniform material, it can create a modern sense of modernity of different subjects.

The modern style bathroom has no clear standard, it doesn’t need to be fancy, and the simplest decoration can create the most advanced feeling, so you can dress up the bathroom according to your own preferences.

Personalisation of details in the bathroom design will go a long way to make you and your guests smile. A touch of subtlety in the design and decor of the place will make sure that whoever goes in comes out satisfied.

Other minor details like the placement of towel holders and cabinets in the bathroom actually do make a big effect on someone’s perception of the room. It should be noted that sources of water through bathroom fittings and cabinets should be kept further from each other so as to value space and overall decor.

The bathroom fittings must also be working at all times so that you can never see an unhappy guest or see yourself running out of water at the most important moments. These fittings must also be kept polished and shiny at all times to make them more attractive.

The light should illuminate

It is important for a person to illuminate the lighting of their bathroom. Proper lighting will ensure that every object in the bathroom is visible to everyone. Saving time is of the essence here, when people need to find all bathroom products with ease.

Bright and Clean colours: The lights that can be fitted in your bathroom needs to have a bright and warm colour so as to make the atmosphere of the place cosy and comfortable. These are two key factors that a person must feel when he or she will enter a bathroom. A spa-like atmosphere is best preferred to determine the most suitable bathroom atmosphere.

Ceiling and vanity light comes first: It is well known that the topmost source of light will be the most important one in the bathroom. It should be adequately bright to create a warmer atmosphere. After they are selected, work your way down to light the mirrors and bathtub areas specifically.

Better stay away from direct and asymmetrical lighting: Direct lighting does not provide the correct angle for light to completely illuminate the room. Make sure that your topmost light lights you from behind the walkway.illuminate-lighting-bathroom

Don’t forget your tub and shower: Make sure that your tubs and shower areas are well lit so that your vision becomes clear. Lighting equally on both ends of the tub is the most preferred choice.

Most importantly, just be impressive enough: It is important for you to understand that your bathroom must present itself as regal, yet comfortably simple at the same time. Being too flashy is bound to put off many guests who prefer simplicity.

Decoration provides elegancy

While inside bathrooms, lighting is essential to clarify the vision. However, it will go to waste if proper decorations are not placed inside the bathroom. Using small decorations is essential as it will provide a sense of style and grandeur to the place.

Warm paint provides positivity: It is best to use warm colours as coats of paint inside the bathroom. This room is meant to be an abode of peace and tranquillity. Comfortable and warm colours will be less straining on the eyes and will go along with the lighting to provide a cosy atmosphere.

Shiny hardware: All the metal hardware like towel holders, knobs, taps, and other accessories must be made of stainless steel and should be shiny always. This shine will provide a sense of elegance in the bathroom fittings.

Invest in a good mirror: Investing in a good mirror will be preferable as you yourself and others in the households will spend a lot of time staring at the mirror. Make their time worthwhile by purchasing the perfect mirror that is placed in the room at the perfect spot.

Keeping your feet dry and soft: It is important for you to realise that a person expects a soft and comfortable rug under their feet once they get out of the bathroom. Therefore, a soft and silky rug or carpet must be considered. The design should be glossy to improve the quality of the guest’s perceptions.

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