No Time for Workout, Here Is How to Fit It in Your Daily Routine


Working out daily has so many benefits, and you will see the tone of articles suggesting to workout daily. Health, mood boost, stress release, improved energy, and self-confidence are few among many things that workout improves. Daily exercise is recommended but no one tells how to affix it with your daily routine. But today we are going to tell you a simple and easy way how you can get more out of a workout and get more of it in daily life. Let’s start.

First things first

Stretching and warming up before you start working out is important, no matter what time of day it is. This makes your muscles and body ready for a workout and helps to prevent muscle pain.

Try to walk more

Instead of going for the escalator and elevators you should try to go from stairs unless it’s the 113th floor you are going to. Park the car a block away, if you go by train or cab get off a block or one-stop after yours and walk to the office. The goal is to add more walk to your routine like you can take the dog for a walk. If casual clothing is allowed you can wear a tracksuit to the office, thus you get the performance of workout clothes and look casually smart.

At desk workout

You don’t have to be still like an idol while at your work desk, move around, get some bicep curls with a water bottle if you must, or maybe raise your legs in the air. There are a ton of other workouts that you can do while sitting at the chair. Most importantly keep your posture right.

Get up for the conversation

Your coworker wants to talk to you, or you want to communicate? Try to get up and walk to their chair instead of socializing on the computer. This gives you a change and solid reason to get up from the chair, stretch your legs and get a little active while burning a few calories.

Walking meetings

This is just like the previous but official. Here is how to suggest a walking meeting with your team instead of a conference room setting meeting. One, you will get out of the office and formal environment. Second, a refreshment for your colleagues. Third, again walking!

Lunchtime workout

The workout does not have to be at the gym, you can do it during lunch hour. No, we are not talking about dumbbells, bench press, less press, etc. Just don’t sit right after eating, go for a little walk, have a small run, use stairs to get to the café, eat healthily and if there is space done some squats, pushups, lunges, and burpees. For intense workouts, you will sweat so make sure you are dressed right, change to workout joggers and T-shirt and change back after the break!

Take advantage of the time

Take advantage of times like when waiting for the bus etc. move around instead of standing still and stretch the body a little. If its winter then in place jog will not only help to warm up the body but also act as a mini-workout. Don’t start doing pushup there unless you want that kind of attention.

Weekend workouts

If you cannot find proper time for proper gym workout then the weekend is the right time to ace some curls with weights. Miss your friends, take them with you for a workout. Don’t like workout then go play some sports together.

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