5 Things You Should Learn Before Going on a Luxury Holidays Singapore

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Are you going to visit Singapore soon? Here are just some of the things you should learn first before you visit the mega-city.

Singapore is not just warm

Most know that Singapore is a warm country, but what most do not know is that the reason why the temperature is uncomfortable is that of its high humidity levels. For travellers, this means that you may become sweaty and may need to hydrate constantly.

To anticipate the humidity, bring a water bottle with you everywhere you go. The tap water in Singapore is safe to drink so you can just refill them anywhere you are instead of buying a bottled one. You should also have a small towel and even a change of clothing if you are that sensitive. Lastly, if this is your first time to tropical weather, just take things slowly. The weather can wear you down so if you feel tired, just relax a bit and explore again.

The subway system is mostly reliable

Singapore has always prided itself on its on-time MRT system. However, the country’s subway system has also taken a beating and has fallen from its best public transport system position because of several high-profile breakdowns.

But still, the system is still well-organised and a great way to see the whole of Singapore. It is even the top choice of public transportation for travellers since it is very easy to find an MRT station in every corner of the country.

Avoid the taxis

Taxis in Singapore should always use the meter when they drive you around the city. However, some drivers may attempt to negotiate a special package for you that is more expensive than the usual price. If you find a taxi driver that does this to you, better walk away.

However, meter fares could also be expensive because of the surcharges that can range from highway tolls to airport charges, and even peak hours charge. If you are tight on the budget, just stick with buses and subways because they are cheaper than taxis and even Uber services.

Carry some cash

Singapore is already campaigning to go cashless this 2018 and it won’t be too long before the whole country follows this drive. But it is still good and safe to carry cash with you especially during your luxury holidays in Singapore.

Cash is still important once you visit kopitiams or coffee shops, residential shops and older hawker centres. But if you are going to spend most of your cash on expensive brands, then bring your plastic with you.

Avoid Airbnb Rental for Singaporean properties

Under the laws in Singapore, leased public housing are not permitted to be rented by tourists and in the country, more than 80 percent of its population rent their homes. So if you rent out a property that is also leased, you may end up getting thrown out from that home and you definitely do not want that to happen.

For tourists, the implication of renting a home that is also leased could vary from being arrested or being at risk of being thrown out into the streets. You definitely, do not want to risk getting humiliated when all you wanted is a relaxing vacation. If you are budget conscious, but still aim to have a luxury holidays Singapore, you can find decent and hippy rooms in Little India and Chinatown.

There are also budget-friendly hotels in the country such as Fragrance Hotels and Hotel 81. Also, it is better to check and book your rooms before visiting the country so that you can find better and competitive prices.

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