Travel Season: All-Natural Skin Care Travel Essentials


The air in an airplane cabin is very dry (less than 20% humidity usually) and has less oxygen than what most people are used to at the ground-level. This means that your skin can easily dry out and look lifeless on short or long flights. Poor oxygen and blood-flow can also cause darkened under eyes and even sagging skin. To combat the in-flight environment and keep your skin looking refreshed this travel season, here are some all-natural travel essentials you won’t want to be without.

Natural Toners and Mists

Facial mists are all the rage right now because of their ability to hydrate the skin, awaken the senses, and leave you feeling refreshed throughout the day. These are perfect to use during air travel because they are packed with hydrating natural ingredients like coconut water, rose water, and aloe vera. They are discrete and simple to reapply throughout the flight. Just give your face a few spritzes every hour or so (or whenever your skin is feeling dry) and gently pat until absorbed. As a bonus, find a mist with an invigorating scent for a subtle aromatherapeutic pick me up!

Optional product recommendations:

  • Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist
  • Cocovit Coconut Water Hydro-Mist
  • LilFox Rose & Rose Quartz Toner Mist

Natural Moisturizers

In addition to using a toning mist, make sure to bring a rich moisturizing facial cream or oil-based serum with you on your travels as well. These products will form a protective barrier over your skin, helping your skin to retain moisture. Great ingredients to look for include avocado oil, coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and shea butter. Apply as needed throughout the flight.

Optional product recommendations:

  • OSEA Malibu Atmosphere Protection Cream
  • RoseMira Rich Moisturizing Night Cream
  • May Lindstrom The Youth Dew

Natural Eye Mask & Under Eye Moisturizer

The skin under our eyes is significantly thinner than the skin on the rest of our face and body. As a result, this area has a hard time holding onto moisture and is one of the first places on our body to show the signs of dehydration. This can include dark circles, discoloration, and sagging skin—all of which can make you look/feel tired, especially while traveling. One of the easiest ways to prevent tired eyes on a long flight is to wear a simple eye mask or apply an eye cream while you sleep. An eye mask is more discreet than a full-facial mask and can add a ton of hydration while you get some much needed zzz’s midair.

Optional product recommendations:

  • 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask
  • Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Algae Eye Mask
  • True Botanicals Deep Repair Eye Serum

Natural Deodorant

Let’s face it, a long day of traveling tends to leave our underarms pretty smelly. After hours of sitting in a cramped seat, the last thing you’ll want to do is greet your family and friends at your destination with open arms. Trust us, you’ll definitely want to keep a travel sized natural deodorant with you. We recommend traveling with a paste deodorant instead of a stick because they are smaller and easier to apply on the go. Avoid deodorants with aluminum and instead look for an all-natural deodorant with odor-fighting ingredients like baking soda, zinc, arrowroot powder, and essential oils.

Optional product recommendations:

  • Zion Health Clay Dry Organic Deodorant
  • Meow Meow Tweet Organic Tea Tree Deodorant
  • Primal Pit Paste Organic Deodorant Paste

Natural Lip Balms

Just like your facial skin and under eye areas, the skin on your lips can easily become chapped and dry due to the arid in-flight environment. Be sure to bring a long-lasting and highly moisturizing natural lip balm with you wherever you travel to this season. Not only are lip balms small enough to fit into our pockets for easy travel, but a good natural lip balm can also double as a moisturizing spot treatment in a pinch. Look for 100% natural and organic lip balms made with intensely hydrating ingredients like avocado oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, and shea butter.

Optional product recommendations:

  • Osmia Organics Lip Doctor Organic Lip Balm
  • Badger Balm Certified Organic Lip Balm

Natural Hand Sanitizer (planes are germy)

This almost goes without saying: airplanes, buses, and trains are very germy places. Before applying any of the above-mentioned treatments, make sure that your hands are clean by using a natural hand sanitizer before touching your face.

Optional product recommendations:

  • CleanWell All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

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