5 Top Tips for A Stress-Free Essex Removal Service

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Tips-Essex-Removal-ServiceWhen planning to relocate, be it an office, a home, or a warehouse, you’ll need the best removal service you can find in Essex to safely move your items to your destination.

For a stress-free removal, you will need a certified British Essex removals Service agent.

However, choosing the best removal service company could be a herculean task. But with the right guide, it’s going to be a seamless process. In a location like Essex, which has a lot of removal companies, picking the best can seem hard. But having a smooth experience shouldn’t be so hard. That is why we have researched 5 top tips for a stress-free Essex removal service.

  • Tip 1: Get in touch with a registered Essex removal service
  • Tip 2:: Clear out in advance
  • Tip 3: Organise utilities
  • Tip 4: Deal with the paperwork
  • Tip 5: Pack a moving day survival box and go slowly

Tip 1: 

Get in touch with a registered Essex removal service

When planning to move, the first question that pops up on your mind is which removal service should you use? Obviously, you want the best. And in getting the best, ensure it is a registered service. The best removal services in Essex should be registered under the British Association of Removers.

In addition, excellent customer reviews can also aid you in getting the best removal services in Essex.

Tip 2

Clear out in advance

Clearing out in advance can save a lot of money and time. Some unwanted items could pass for being useful in your current location but the question is would it serve any purpose where you are going? You can throw out unwanted items to minimize cost and reduce stress. And if you feel uncomfortable throwing away items you acquired with your hard-earned money, you can donate them.

Tip 3

Organise utilities:

When the time for moving is approaching, we get caught up with many things and we sometimes forget to cut off the supply of basic utilities. If you’re not staying with the same provider in your new home or office, you can call to say that the house has been sold and that account is finished.

This would prevent any complications. Organizing this in advance means you can account for any final bills you need to pay.

Tip 4

Deal with the paperwork:

In order to have a hitch-free experience with any removal company, there is some paperwork that needs to be sorted out. For instance the moving estimate. After the company has issued an estimate of your moving expenses, ensure to check the specific moving estimate the company has sent you. There are 3 types

  • Nonbinding estimate
  • Binding estimate
  • Binding not to exceed the estimate

The moving estimate is just one of the many other paperwork. Also store or save all important documents such as passports, house deeds, wills, and insurance papers in one box or file to ensure easy access. It may also be a good idea to create electronic copies so you can always have access to them.

Tip 5

Pack a moving day survival box and go slowly:

Before your moving day, make sure you have packed a moving day survival kit or box of necessities. This will contain necessary items that will get you through the day (and if you would be spending long hours on the road, through the night). It may include phone chargers, toiletries, snacks, and maybe some juice.

And upon arrival, do not rush to start unpacking, relax and unwind. Take your lunch or dinner and sleep the stress of packing and moving away.

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